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Miami Obedience Club AKC Trials

Oct 2010 and Jan 2011  

Free Spirit USDAA Trials

March 2011 

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Florida Agility, Flyball and Dog Sports Calendar     Updated 11-08-2010       

Florida Agility Events 
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Flyball Events  Region 11
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                                              Updated 11-07-2010          

NAFA= North American Flyball Association      Events
AKC = American Kennel Club            Events             
NADAC = North American Dog Agility Council       Events
UKC = United Kennel Club         Events
WWKC = World Wide Kennel Club         Events
USDAA = United States Dog Agility Association     Events         
ASCA = Australian Shepherd Club of America
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Agility in florida has become very popular. There are many dog clubs that teach dog agility in florida and hold

dog agility trials as well. From its introduction in this country and the formation of the USDAA, dog agility in

florida has grown. The AKC has a predominant presence in dog agility in florida, but the USDAA and recently,

NADAC and UKC dog agility competitions and trials have grown in number and in size, making Florida a very

big dog agility state. The popularity of dog agility and

canine performance and canine sports events is expected to grow as the number of participants in dog sports, agility, flyball,

and other canine performance events increases at an increasing pace. Florida is home to more than 50 plus dog clubs

participating in dog agility in Florida and nearby states or sponsoring dog agility trials in Florida as well as dog agility demos

and dog agility matches. Florida is the place to be for dog agility. Flyball in Florida has grown since its introduction to Florida in the late 1990's. Florida has more than nine teams from just about every part of the state. Broward County is very well represented in the way of flyball having 4 dog sports clubs that support flyball teams. South Florida and flyball is a very good match as there are over 6 flyball clubs in the area. Flyball has grown in florida and will continue to grow as the sport becomes more popular.