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CourseSave Software

Step into the world of the  paperless trainer.

Software allows you to discard your paper courses.

Track courses by challenges, judges, sanction and more.

Track performance by dog or course.

designed with the serious handler , trainer and judge in mind

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dog agility course tracking software


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Tired of all the paper? CourseSave Dog performance and animal performance tracking software and dog Agility software allows you to track via course as well as dog performance. Video clips can be added to record the full dimension of the dog or animal performacne activity. Judges can save, retrieve and modify courses produced via other dog agility software as Coursesave will call the file up using the other software for viewing and editing. Trainers can reproduce and print all or parts of a course for a class and save and file combinations for later retrieval. CourseSave Dog Agility software will continue to be developed until all aspects of storage and retrieval have been implemented. CourseSave was mainly developed to function as Dog Agility sotfware but has many other uses such as a video clip organizing tool. CourseSave can also be used as a docuemnt organizing and processing software as well. Both are functions of the dog agility software that can be used pretty much in a standalone capacity. The product will continue to be enhanced and will increase in functionality and flexibility. CourseSave is the first and most usefull course and video database software and will function extremely well in the dog agility arena.