Sport Pet  Pop Up Soft Crate           
For kennel trained dogs

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  Large sized crate open
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Sport Pet Pop Up 
Soft Crate 


  ( For kennel trained dogs) 


Crate Size Folded:
11.5" x 1" 
Crate Size Opened:

light weight 

Doors and windows made of strong Nylon mesh

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Sport Pet pop open crates for pets up to 50lbs.


$22 per crate *

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Sport Pet soft crates are the best designed soft crates. The Sport pet soft crate  pops up and pops open. These soft crates are made from strong nylon fabric and have heavy duty mesh doors and windows. Sport Pet soft crates fold into a small circle for easy compact storage. The kennels pop open from a small circle in seconds and are very usefull for travel. Sport Pet soft crates are a good quality dog kennel offered at a very reasonable price. Gotunnel/doortosummer sells  Sport Pet soft crates individually or in pairs. When you buy 2 of the medium or large crates, you can purchase the  pet kennels with free shipping. Sport pet soft dog crates like all soft dog kennels should be used with kennel or crate trained dogs only. Using a sport pet or any soft crate with a dog that is not crate trained or a puppy may reduce substantially the life of your crate.

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