Sand Bag Straps – Guide


The sand bag straps come pre-assembled and ready to use.



In order to connect the straps to loops on the sand bags, the loop end must be partially

dissembled wrapped around the bag loop and then assembled again.


Notice the correct threading of the strap through the adjustable glide at the loop end before you disassemble.  The strap passes through the glide in a doubling fashion creating a loop at end.



In order to attach the strap to the bag loop, the short end of the strap must be pulled out of the glide, wrapped around the loop and then threaded back through the guide the same way that it did originally. Adjustment can be made at the loop guide if necessary but it is best to adjust at the buckle or via the Velcro® with that type of strap.




Dogs can be injured if the tunnel is compressed. It is always best to wrap the strap over the tunnel rings in order to help keep the tunnel round.

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