Economy Sand Bag Equipment Anchors Recommended Use:

Tunnel Anchors:

These bags will hold as much as 35lbs of sand. Using the bags with 20-25lbs of sand will provide the best results and the most durability. The bags also perform best if the sand is placed in a plastic bag which is inserted inside of the anchor bag. Tighten the draw string using the plastic slide clamp leaving about 1-2" of string between the bag opening and the plastic clamp. Pull the bag straps through the loop created by the string between the bag and the clamp. This will help reduce the stress on the bag to strap stitching. The bags can be connected using a bungee cord, rope, or a strap (available in store). Bungee cords of either 12-14" or 24-36" will work well. If a strap is used, it should have a release mechanism so that the bags can be carried separately with ease. If bungees are used, it is best that they have large plastic hooks facing out away from the tunnel as the smaller metal hooked bungees may damage the tunnel loops especially if faced into the tunnel. Whatever you use for the strapping it should cross over the tunnel ribbing for safety's sake to help prevent a decrease in the tunnel diameter. If bungees are used, a longer bungee can form a loop that encircles the ribbing. If you use four bags on each tunnel opening, the bungees or straps can be crossed over the rib.  It is best not to carry the bags by the straps especially if you do not pull the straps through the bags string loop. When used as a tunnel anchor the handles will be approximately 20" apart when snugged up against the tunnel.

sandbags bungee bags with 48 inch strap
12" Bungee cord connecting 2 bags with straps pulled through the string loops. 48" Strap connecting 2 bags with bag straps pulled through the string loops. Strap pulled through draw string loop.

                      Equipment Anchored
Possible Bag
Other Uses...

  Many possible filler options..

       Small bottles can be used.

Alternately, you can use water jugs instead of sand or anything that is safe, soft and heavy.


Other Uses: The bags can be used to anchor other equipment such as chutes, tire jumps, wing jumps, teeters, ring easels, soccer goals, etc. as well as canopy tent poles. 

Best method to carry full bags. Anchor just about any equipment
                          standard anchor


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