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file:d|/html/bygl.jpg California is Kind to Canines    Updated 7-16-2005

(Laguna and Dana Point)

Several ocean beaches allow pets on the beach and in the water. Restrictions may apply during certain hours of the day and these may vary according to the season. There is also a 'dog park' established for socialization and exercise. It is located on Laguna Canyon Road.

Channel Drive (Santa Barbara)

Santa Barbara, CA is an extremely dog friendly city! We saw tons of happy humans & dogs frolicking off leash along Channel Drive Beach (this beach may also have another name). The beach is easy to find, as it is directly across the street from the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel on Channel Drive. Plenty of parking along the street, and lots of loving dog owners to chat with! The views are beautiful and there is a long stretch of beach for running, fetching, etc. Truly a great place! If anyone is looking for a weekend getaway with their dogs, Santa Barbara is definitely it! And.......your dogs are most welcome at the Four Seasons Biltmore. Enjoy!
(Thank you - Pamela P.)

"Doggie Beach"(Huntington/Bolsa Chica)

This beach is located between Huntington and Bolsa Chica beaches. Dogs can swim, run, play... There are signs that say that dogs must be on a leash, but nobody actually keeps their dogs leashed. (Thank You - Rudy and Moxies's mom)
Update - August 1998 Due to the actions of the Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach, dogs may be off-leash in the water or on the wet sand only. City lifeguards have and probably will issue tickets in all other cases. Most all users of Dog Beach (I've never heard it called Doggie Beach) follow the rules. In addition, no dogs are permitted on the Bolsa Chica state beach. (Thank You - S. Black)

Best Friend Dog Park  (Huntington)

 Best Friend Dog Park is located adjacent to Central Park on Edwards Street close to Talbert. Visit our Maps page to get directions.
Established in June 1995, The park is separated into two sections; we have a small dog section and a big dog section. This is to accommodate dogs of all sizes. Amenities include fencing, benches, tables, handicap access, poopbag dispensers, trees, parking, restrooms, water and trashcans. The Park is also known for the infamous Doggy Walk of Fame (865 paw prints embedded in concrete). The Doggy Walk was created in 1996 and earned $ 20,000 for the Dog Park.
Park Hours
Weekdays (Monday - Friday)

Large Dogs: 9:00 AM 'til 5:00 PM
Small Dogs: 9:00 AM 'til 7:00 PM
Large dogs allowed in Small Dog area 6:00 PM 'til 7:00 PM

Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)

Large Dogs: 10:00 AM 'til 5:00 PM
Small Dogs: 10:00 AM 'til 7:00 PM
Large dogs allowed in Small Dog area 5:00 PM 'til 7:00 PM
                                                                                (Thank You -  Mcbtrfly & Prancer)

Costa Mesa Bark Park  (Costa Mesa)

The COSTA MESA BARK PARK is a fully fenced, approximately two acre, piece of land designated by the City of Costa Mesa as a area where the public can take their dogs and legally allow them to run and play off-leash. It is the only area of the City of Costa Mesa where dogs are not required, by ordinance, to be on a leash. The BARK PARK was opened on October 15, 1994 and  is located in the southeast corner of TeWinkle Park (a public park in the City of Costa Mesa). Access is off Arlington Avenue between Junipero Drive and Newport Blvd..

Currently the BARK PARK is open every day, except Tuesdays, from Dawn until Dusk. It is closed for inclement weather and spring and fall maintenance (4 days each, see calendar).


Pets are treated with respect in Carmel. There is even a pet drinking fountain at the public restroom near the beach.    Nice coverage of the Carmel area

Coronado Dog Beach: (San Diego)

This beach is located on the western part of Coronado City Beach. The surf is strong here.

Fiesta Island: (San Diego)

This island is leash-free and very dog friendly. It is located in Mission Bay.

San Diego on the whole is very dog friendly. In addition to the beaches which allow dogs to swim, San Diego City beaches also allow leashed dogs on the beach from 6PM to 9AM. There are also several parks which allow off-leash dogs

Imperial Beach: (San Diego)

Dogs are allowed north of the north jetty in Imperial Beach, CA
(Thank You - Ekierz)

More official information on San Diego Parks

Martin's Beach: (Half Moon Bay)

We Lost this one.
Please take Martin's Beach off your site. We no longer allow dogs and people visit your site and read that they are allowed and are very unhappy when they arrive and can't stay. We had to stop allowing them because we couldn't seem to get people to keep them leashed and to clean up after them. It is posts like this that forced us to finally change the rules on dogs. PLEASE take care of this ASAP!!  

- California Based website with links to Dog Park pages.

San Francisco Peninsula

Friends of dogs, Maggie has photos, maps and descriptions of 10 off leash dog parks in the San Francisco Peninsula at off-leash dog parks. Dogs will be happy when you go there. 

Thanks. Sincerely, Eric J. Leopold 

Pet your dog instead:

Zietgiest: (San Francisco)

There is a dog-friendly bar in San Francisco. It's called Zietgiest (that's Spirit-of-the-Times in German) It's located on the corner of Valencia & Deboce Avenues on the edge of the Mission District in San Francisco. It features a private outdoor beergarden and sometimes the dogs outnumber the humans! (Thank You deborah smith)

Other California Links

Georgia is Kind to Canines

Piedmont Park & Jimmy Carter Center: (Atlanta/Decatur)

Hey - a terrific place to take dogs in Atlanta is Piedmont Park. There's a new addition and it is a dog and dog lovers dream. Also, the Jimmy Carter Center is great. There is a place for the dogs to swim and it's doggie social hour - lots of dogs to play with. Decatur has some sort of dog thing (Decatur is a city right next to Atlanta) but I'm not sure exactly what it is. Details can be found in Atlanta Magazine. The hottest thing now is Doggie Day Care. You take your dog in the morning and pick them up after work, They have play time, rest time, walks and more play time! They just threw a birthday party for my dog. Canine Academy in Atlanta is highly recommended. $15 bucks a day is a bargain for how great the program is (you take them once a week). My dog DRAGS me to get there! Atlanta is a dog friendly city (in-town) Many businesses will allow you to come in with your dog and you will often see water for dogs outside businesses during festivals and the like. (Thank you. KKSCHULLER)

Lawrenceville Dog Park: (Lawrenceville)

2 Acre fenced area for off leach dogs.  3 different fenced areas, small dogs, large dogs and a dog run.  Benches, water and bags available.

2777 Five Forks Trickum Rd just North of Ronald Reagan Pkwy in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co.Ga.
Just opened in July.    (Thank You - N Evans)

Macon Dog Park: (Macon)

 The City of Macon Parks and Recreation and the Friends of the Macon Dog Park have
joined in cooperation to create an area where dogs can run and play without leashes. 
 The three-acre park is located at the corner of Chestnut and Adams
streets in downtown Macon, Georgia just one block North of Tatnall
Square Park and features a fenced property with a creek running
through it. A long-range plan includes the addition of benches,
watering fountains, information kiosks, and much more.
 This dog park is an excellent addition to the downtown revitalization
efforts.  For more information about the park and to learn how you can
join the Friends of the Macon Dog Park
please visit the website:
(Thank You - Kevin)

Savannah Dog Park: (Savannah)

Hello dog lovers, I'm excited to tell you about the Savannah Dog Park Association's new web site. The Savannah Dog Park is located on the corner of 41st and Drayton Streets in Savannah, Georgia, and is the first fenced park in the city dedicated just to dogs and their owners. Check out our web site > The site features event info, links, a list of dog-friendly establishments, an online store, a community message board, and more! You can also provide your web site and other info so that we may link to you. Thanks, and look forward to seeing you at the park!
(Thank you - Nick Lucey)

St Simon's Island: (St. Simon's)

Dogs are allowed on the beaches of St. Simon's Island from September to April. Please clean up after your dogs so we won't loose this privilege. (Thank you - Kevin H.)

Jeckyl Campground: (Jeckyl Island)

Dogs are allowed in Jeckyl Campground. (Thank you - Kevin H.)

Illinois is Kind to Canines

Doggie Beach: (Winnetka)

Very nice, much better than Chicago's doggie beach. (Thank you - April K.)

Dog Beach: (Evanston)

Evanston, Illinois has a wonderful dog beach, which is cleaner than most people beaches. It does cost about $40 for the year for the dog pass, but it's well worth it. (Thank You - Elizabeth)

Kansas is Kind to Canines

Shawnee Mission Park (Johnson County - Kansas City Metro area)

-off leash area with a sandy beach.

Heritage Park (Kansas City Metro area)

- off leash area with a pond.

Both are very nice and spacious and I have encountered friendly dogs and friendly humans!!!
(Thank You - Beth)

North Carolina is Kind to Canines

Outer Banks: (North Carolina coast)

We have had the best luck on the beaches at the Outer Banks. They seem to love dogs there. (Thank you - CindaRN.)

Texas is Kind to Canines

Dog Park: (Austin)

Austin has a fenced-in legal city dog park on the Riverside Drive. Exit off of highway IH-35. Large, wood chips, water, benches and chairs, and some agility stuff too!. (Thank you - Debby W.)

Ann Arbor Dog Park Project

Chart of all known dog parks in the galaxy

Other Links  Growing list of dog parks in US and Canada  Site displaying dog friendly facilities of all kinds and travel tips. Very nice park and beach index.
Dog Beaches / Sandy Claws  lists east coast dog friendly beaches

. Please clean up after your pet and do not allow your animal to use the beach or water as a toilet. Not everyone loves your pet the way you do.
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Many dog friendly parks, beaches, hotels, and etc are well kept secrets. Please let me know if you have found other dog friendly spots. e-mail me and I will add them to the list for all of us pet lovers to enjoy ! is a member of the Offleash Dogs Web Ring.
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