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Updated 07-14-2007
Miami Beach    Restaurants & Food
Attention: make sure you call ahead and confirm the 'pet-friendly' status of a restaurant before
making plans as some restaurants have had difficulty adjusting to Florida's new 'dog friendly' law.

The Dog Bar

. Lincoln Road - Miami Beach
. Great Pet/Dog store with coolest owners
(Thank You LLLEGS3)

El Rancho Grande

Right off Lincoln Road ... El Rancho Grande is a great restaurant with a few outdoor tables.. And being around the corner. from the main Lincoln Road traffic is a little easier on your nerves when grabbing a bite with your dog or dogs. Little hint:.. I park for a fee by the public parking garage near the rear entrance of the famous Lincoln Theatre. From there I walk to the front of the Theatre ( actually Lincoln Road ) . The restaurant is on the other side of Lincoln..(down THAT side street ) by about 75 feet. This is Pennsylvania Ave. (Thank You - Katdevita)

The BIG PINK Restaurant

The Big Pink Restaurant is down by 2nd street ( 157 and Collins ) , and has outdoor tables. I mention this also.. because these are off the main drags..and sometimes missed.
(Thank You - Katdevita)

News Cafe Restaurant

. Ocean Drive - Miami Beach
. Great indoor/outdoor restaurants and more.
. Very pet friendly. Open all-nite.
(Thank you - Bernice V.)


Mr. Moes  (Coconut Grove)

 Mr. Moe's   
3131 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove

Green Street Cafe  (Coconut Grove)

Green Street Cafe
3110 Commodore Plaza
             (Thank you -  Patty)

Beverly Hills Cafe  (South Miami/Coral Gables)

. Sunset Gardens - Coral Gables
. 1559 Sunset Drive (near Red and Sunset)
. Great indoor/outdoor restaurant and more.
Very pet friendly.

Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream (South Miami)

. Ice Cream for your Dog!
. opened on June 14th, 2002
. just west of US-1 on Ludlum, across the street from The Big Cheese restaurant.

. We make 25+ flavors of delicious premium ice cream; all of our servings come with a minimum 3/8 pound of ice cream; we are the only place in town that offers free parking & plenty of seating (indoor and out); we give away free baby cones to all kids 3 feet and under accompanied by an adult; we have a "doggie window" for owners that would like to bring their dogs (and we give them free doggie-dollop vanilla scoops along with their order!); we carry Guinness Stout Beer Ice Cream; we make real New York Egg Creams

. We promise the very best customer service in South Florida.

I would say that all of these things make us a unique, fun & TASTY place to be!

Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream
(305) 740-9830
8075 SW 67 Avenue, Miami
(Thank You - Juliet Wall)

El Pimiento (Miami Lakes)

I just wanted to recommend a nice little spot in Miami Lakes , Florida .
The place is called El Pimiento. 
Located on

16403 NW 67th Avenue
Tel: (305) 826-8181

It is a family run place serving delicious Spanish Tapas (appetizers) and good wine. 
The owner is always happy to welcome us and our dog, Mocha.

Boca Raton

Cucina D'Angelo

. 5050 Town Center Circle
. Boca Raton, Florida 33486
. 561-750-2344
(Thanks - Monica)

Pete's Time Out

. Times Square in Ft. Myers Beach,FL (Near the Pier)
. very dog friendly - the dogs get a dish of water
. before the humans get their beer!

Fort Myers Beach

Pete's Time Out

. Times Square in Ft. Myers Beach,FL (Near the Pier)
. very dog friendly - the dogs get a dish of water
. before the humans get their beer!

Also, dog friendly bar near Pizza Hut(don't know name)
Ft. Myers Beach only a couple of blocks from Pete's - water dish ready for the canines.
(Thank you - L. Werner)


Cambier Grille

. Naples, FL - across from Cambier Park
. (8th Street between6th and 7th Avenues) is dog friendly.
. They have tables on the sidewalk -serves breakfast and lunch only.
. They specialize in free range beef, turkey, chickens and vegitarian sandwiches.
. It's very good.
(Thank you - L. Werner)

Melbourne Beach


. Melbourne Beach Florida (A1A)
. Doggies get a bowl of water and a free hotdog.
. They can sit with their owners on the patio.
(Thank You - Buford)


Harbor Bay Gromet

. very pet friendly in their patio dining
(Thank You - Joanie)


Sam Snead's on Central Avenue, across the street from Lake Eola, allows dogs on the patio out front. As a matter of fact, they even have a doggy menu with dishes served on frisbees. I hear Sunday brunch is a very popular occasion with the four-legged type.
(Thank you - Leo the Aussie)

Winter Park

Most of the outdoor cafes in Winter Park (Orlando) on Park Ave. allow dogs
to be on leash at the tables out front. They are very friendly and bring
water to the dogs.
(Thank You - K. Goodman)


General USA Listing of Pet Related Services

Pets and Animal Directory

Pet sitters &

 Doggie Day care

 South Florida Pet Sitting

PHOEBE & FRIENDS  (doggie day care)
   Jo and Wendy. 
1825 West Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

(Thank you - M C Garcia) 

Miami Beach Dog Walking
dog walking and pet sitting service on
Miami Beach .

Tammy Young


Companion Dog Services

Have a Heart

Marilyn Marinelli


Have A Heart For Companion Animals


“Working together to make a difference



South Beach Animal Hospital

1444 Alton Rd
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

(Thank you - M C Garcia) 

Dogs Directory
verything Dog website

Description: dogs related news, books and web resources

If Doodie Calls
A Pet Waste Removal Service
Licensed and Insured
                 Serving South Florida!

Florida Pet Book

Description: We are the newest and fastest growing pet magazine here in South FLA and we are ALL about pet rescue and pet adoption. Unlike other pet magazines we don't allow Ads in our magazine for breeders or anyone that sells puppies since that works contrary to the efforts of what we pet rescues are trying to do.

Florida Pet Book Jeff Cubillos
Pets-OK Media Group | |

A SUPER GREAT LIST for dog owners would be a listing of DRIVE THROUGHs (restaurants, drug stores, etc..). This would be great for nutty folks who like to take the dog everywhere..
(Thank You - Katdevita)

If you would like to recommend places or a dog friendly service that you might like included in this listing, please let us know. e-mail me and I will add them to the list for all of us pet lovers to enjoy !

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