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   Although many parts of Florida (Naples and Collier County especially) are very dog unfriendly, the east coast of Southern Florida, the west coast above Collier County and the Keys are very accommodating. Acceptance ranges from 'NO PETS ALLOWED' to allowing them to play on the beach and in the water. We have compiled a list of parks and beaches where pets are allowed and the extent that they are accepted. A description and rating of each is as follows:
It is always best to obey state and local ordinances.
This list was compiled from reader contributions and accuracy and safety are not guaranteed. Always proceed with caution.
It is absolutely imperative that you pick up after your dog.  If you pick up,
this list will grow. If you don't pick up, this list will shrink! Watch out for Alligators  and Crocodiles

Bill Baggs State Park: (Miami/Key Biscayne)

This park rebuilt after Hurricane Andrew, has beach and ocean views that are spectacular and full of history. The park allows dogs on leashes in the park area but not on the sandy beach. Florida State Parks  in other parts of the state allow dogs in the campgrounds, but not in South Florida.

South Beach: (Miami Beach)

One of the best beaches in the world. Wide expanses of sand and surf with a long extensive and highly active boardwalk. Dogs are allowed on the boardwalk and along Ocean Drive during the day but are allowed on the beach only around sun down. Technically they are not allowed on the beach at any time, but this rule is not enforced after the beachgoers leave.
Update - Caution: It has been reported that enforcement has increased and people have been ticketed for the serious crime of walking their dogs on the boardwalk

Flamingo Park: (Miami Beach)

Flamingo Park in Miami Beach is a great spot, lots of dogs and general urban activity and great people watching. There is a fenced off-leash area behind the paddle ball courts. (Thank You - J. Friedman)
FLAMINGO BARK PARK: In South Beach's Flamingo Park. There are two adjacent fenced areas for dogs. Recently only one area has been open while the other has been closed for maintenance and replanting. Flamingo Park closes at midnight, and although the dog runs do not have their own lighting, they benefit from the street lights along Michigan Avenue and the lights from the handball courts, giving the Flamingo Bark Park its own SoBe nightlife! Both runs have running water for the dogs to drink. The Flamingo Bark Park is on the west end of Flamingo Park, behind the handball courts, with parking and a street entrance at the corner of Michigan Avenue and 14th Street. The City of Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Department holds dog obedience classes at the Flamingo Bark Park. For more information call 305-673-7224.
(Thank You - C. Lavin)

Pine Tree Park: (Miami Beach)

Pine Tree Park, 45th Street and Pine tree Drive. The new park has a designated fenced area for dogs to roam and run without a leash. Improvements to the park include new fencing, benches, AD compliant entries, landscaping, and water fountains to name a few. For more information, contact Ronnie Singer, Capital Improvement Projects Office, at 305-673-7010.Pine Tree Park (Thank You - J. Lopez)
PINETREE BARK PARK: In Pinetree Park, at Pinetree Drive and 45th St. Here too there are two adjacent fenced areas for dogs. However, these runs are connected by a wide gate, allowing them to be combined into one very large play area if the dogs are all getting along. The dog runs are toward the south end of the park. They have no lighting and do not benefit from the street lights, which are too far away. This newest dog park in Miami Beach has one design flaw. The city installed a dual "person/dog" water fountain at the park's main entrance, nowhere near the dog runs themselves. So BYOW ...
Supposedly, there are plans to build a third Bark Park at NORTH SHORE OPEN SPACE PARK, on Collins Avenue between 79th and 86th Streets. This park is currently undergoing renovation, with bulldozers clearing out most of the trees and shrubs. The last time I spoke to someone at the Parks Department, I was told that they were "working [the dog park] into the plans" for the new park. The park will be a welcome and much-needed facility in the North Beach area.   (Thank You - C. Lavin)
Update  2-22-2010 
Caution Small dogs :
I am quite disappointed in this park - I have been all over the country and never seen a dog park that has 2 fenced sections and only allow access to 1 at a time - forcing large aggressive dogs to be in close playing confines with small dogs. Do I need to tell you that this mixture is a recipe for disaster??  I have witnessed many occasions where a pack of assertive large dogs simply gang up on a small ten pound dog, trample it and practically pick it up by the neck...I myself have had to run and pull dogs off of my Yorkie and scream at the apparently ignorant owners of the large dogs to call them off.  One small dog owner told me that the Flamingo Park in South Beach was doing the same thing and that a small dog was actually mauled because of this dangerous mixture. What can I and other small dog owners do to make the city of Miami Beach realize that this practice it is unsafe and needs to be stopped immediately ? Do we petition? Make phone calls?  Post this unsafe situation to pet friendly directory sites such as yours?   (Thank you - Susan D)

Unofficial at tip of South Beach: (Miami Beach)

Not an official park but at the south end ( the very tip ) of south beach - next to the restaurant called Smith and Wolenski is a park and lots of people bring their dogs around 5 pm. Not officially a dog park but I have gone there 50 times and never had anybody bother me.
(Thank You - J Robbins)

Rickenbacker Causeway: (Miami)

Although the busy highway seems often to close to the beach, the sandy islands afford a very scenic view of Miami and the bay. Full access for canines is always allowed. The water deepens gently but never gets very deep and is very seldom rough. This is one of Miami's premiere dog beaches and early beachgoers are blessed with wide expanse of open shallow water to romp .It is best to keep your dog on-leash when not in the water and always bring proof of rabies vaccination when using this park.

City of Miami Parks: (Miami)

Recently, Miami's 'no dogs anywhere' mentality has gone full circle. There is even a 'dog park' in Coconut Grove (Blanche Park) set up for dogs. In addition, other city parks in the Grove are now allowing dogs (Kennedy Park). Parks that do not allow dogs usually have warning signs posted at the entrances. (Thank you - BuddiesThruBullies)

Update: The dog park at Blanche Park has been redesigned with new landscaping and benches and is open again. An official dog park has also been created at Kennedy Park. Both parks are sponsored by Purina and have dog pickup bag dispensers. (Thank You - Lara)
Update: The City of Miami recently ran water to the dog run at KENNEDY PARK, on S. Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove. When the dog run first opened, the nearest source of running water was out by the parking lot, nowhere near the dog run. Now there is a dual "person/dog" water fountain, as well as a hose for those wishing to give their dogs a quick bath prior to heading home, inside the dog park.
(Thank You - C.Lavin)

Update: Off-leash parks are being threatened!

Coral Gables:

"The City Beautiful" has a strict NO DOGS policy at all its parks. However, you won't find any NO DOGS signs at the parks, because "The City Beautiful" doesn't want those eyesores ruining the view. Dog owners beware ...
(Thank You - C. Lavin)

Oleta River State Recreation Area: (North Miami Beach)

Oleto State Park in North Miami Beach off of 163rd Street allows dogs on leashes everywhere but the campground and the swimming beach area. The park lies on the intercoastal waterway. You can get some good waves from the passing boats that the dogs love to jump in. Take your dogs there during the week when there's not many people there or early in the morning or near dusk. I've taken my dogs off the leash to run in the water on the east side of the park. Not a lot of beach and a bit rocky in places but haven't have too much trouble with the park rangers. (Thank You - Diane W., Hallandale)

Aventura - Northeast Dade:

There is an additional Dog Park in Aventura. This is in Northeast Dade county. IT is across the street from Founder's Park. I believe it is on N.E. 191 street.
(Thank you - Zena) 


 Unofficial dog park: (South Miami)   Avoid - See Update - 03-12-03

Update-warning: Please advise your readers that the Unofficial Dog Park in South Miami no longer accepts any dogs. This park is officially closed to the public (hence, the No Trespassing sign at the entrance !). The last time I showed up there to take my female black lab swimming, one of the county workers onsite called the Coral Gables Police and I had a hard time talking myself out of being arrested for trespassing! The officer stated that some dogs were left to run unattended and had bitten some of the employees and now they were enforcing the No Trespassing law. It's really too bad because this was a beautiful, serene place to share some quiet time with your pets. (Thank you - Vtill)

There is an area in South Miami that is an unofficial Dog Park. Take Kendall Drive East to School House Road and turn Right, drive to the end and on the right is a gate that is usually open. Drive in and park on the side of the road. You will see a vast scape of trees and grass with a small lake that the dogs love to jump, play and swim in. The road runs through the property and there are acres of land on either side of it. There are regulars that are there every day and although technically it is not a designated dog park, the people that love their animals are fighting to keep it open. The more people that help out, the better the chances. Most people take their dogs there in the evening after work, before sun down. Everyone knows each other and usually know the owners by their dogs. New doggies and owners are always welcome.
(Thank you - Nicole)

The park is technically part of Matheson Hammock Park. At School House Road make a left (south) until you see a large expanse of land with posted signs saying "no trespassing" and you are there.
(Thank you - Liz C.)

Wayside Park: (Miami-Palmetto Bay)  a website for updates to the park's building progress.
We're hoping to open it in early as possible. 

Our Wayside Park has a big lake on the property (for swimming dogs) -- we have to test the water before approving for use. 
We plan for the (yet unnamed) Dog Park to have an agility course, separate free run areas for large and small dogs, water fountains, poop bag stations, restrooms, a digging pit, the (swimming) lake, a gazebo and deck (for feeding lake fish), butterfly plants along the fencing (it's a gorgeous, natural park), and high fencing/landscaping to block out the traffic noise and keep the pets safe. 
It will be a membership park.  Those without dogs can buy a daily or annual pass. 
Those with dogs can buy a daily or annual pass, but they have to provide vaccination and licensing records in order to receive their passes.  We haven't decided how the membership will be run or what it will cost yet (via electronic gate, tags on collars, etc). 
Dog breeds outlawed in Miami-Dade county will NOT be allowed in the park (regardless of vaccination records). 
The park will be located in the Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida at Southwest 160th Street and US1/South Dixie Highway.  It's a roadside park with a lake in the middle.  Access to the park will probably be from behind it (so you drive in one block to get to it).
Palmetto Bay Village Hall =  305-259-1234 (for questions not answered via the website.  Please read through the website before calling!)
See you at the dog park!
Jana L. Sheeder
Chairwoman, Palmetto Bay Dog Owners Group (PB-DOG)
For the Palmetto Bay Perrine Wayside (yet unnamed) Dog Park!

Volunteers and sponsors will be needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unofficial dog park: (Miami-Kendall)

The folks in my area use a large field behind the Kendalltown clubhouse. SW 76 Street at (about) 103 Ave, in the Kentalltown townhouse complex. Park in the clubhouse parking lot and head straight back past the baseball field. If you fall in to Snapper Creek you went ONE step too far. The description is identical to the one in South Miami. Nothing official about it, but it has been going on for many many years. We all meet around sunset (as soon as it is cool enough). The land is actually Dade County Water and Sanitation Dept. There are small buildings which have pumps and wells in them. It is somewhat fenced on all sides (except the Snapper Creek easement). Please check out the pictures from our last Memorial Day picnic at, click on "Floppy's Page." (Thank You - Jon)

Miami Springs Dog Park: (Miami Springs)

Miami Springs' dog park is finally open -- it has three cleanup stations, a so-far inoperative fountain, and a picnic bench under one of only two trees actually inside the fencing.  There's a proto-parking area not quite finished yet, and a small-dog area with a separate entrance off the parking area in addition to the gate between the two sections.

Until the lot is done (it needs driveways), parking is at the opposite corner of the recreation area (Shadow Way and Dove Av.), as legal parking is not allowed along the edge of Quail Avenue.

It has the overall appearance of 'we'll get to that', as far as adding amenities.

I don't have the real address, but it's between Royal Poinciana Drive, Quail, Dove, and Shadow Way with the parking area accessed off Royal Poinciana; it's across from Miami Springs Senior High School at 751 Dove Ave, Miami Springs, 33166.
(Thank you - Corgi)
Update: The Miami Springs dog park is "officially" opened, and although amenities may be scarce, there is a newly installed doggie/people water fountain. Please come out and support this new dog park, has become a lovely place for our dogs to romp and play.
(Thank You - L Morat)

Bark Park - Amelia Earhart Park: (Miami)

The five-acre Bark Park is completely fenced and offers a separate section for smaller dogs. Amenities include paved walkways, benches, shade trees, waste dispenser stations, and specially designed drinking and spray fountains for dogs and their owners. Bark Park admission is free. Commissioner Seijas spearheaded the concept for the new Bark Park and Skate Park in response to community requests. The cost for both projects was $346,000 and was funded by the Capital Outlay Reserve Fund (CORF). For directions and information on activities at Amelia Earhart Park, call 305-769-2693. (Thank You Com. Seijas and Miami-Dade)
More: Hi, my name is Rusty and I am a Schnauzer. I recently visited the Bark Park in Amelia and noticed a few additions. They have put in fire hydrants along the walking path and a sand pit towards the end of the park with some trees and plants around it. It makes the park look very nice and fun to play in.
(Thank you - Rusty)

Morningside Park: (Miami)

I just came upon your website, and want to thank you for it.
I recently moved to Miami from Los Angeles California with my 6 yr old Chihuahua mix.
Los Angeles is the most dog friendly city, and the climate is also very easy on the pups.
Since arriving in Miami, my dog and I have been quite depressed, not being able to find
nice parks and places to romp. In L.A., we went to the park every day, and there is one
in almost every neighborhood within walking distance, hence no need to drive miles to get to one.
I want to tell you about Morningside Park, in  750 Ne 55th Ter , Miami, Florida.
Although It is not officially a dog park, every time I've gone there there are many dogs, even leash-less, and everyone is happy. There are always dogs around, especially on the weekends.
Also, want to add that although Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove is a very nice park and certainly dog friendly, in recent weeks the mosquitoes have taken over .... the last couple of weekends I've gone there with my pup, the mosquitoes have attacked is both so badly that we had to leave .... it is very disappointing, to have such a nice park for dogs and not be able to enjoy it.  And as you know, mosquitoes bites can cause health problems for dogs, even death,
and although I do give my pup heartworm meds, I don't like the idea of having him bit by dozens of mosquitoes at one time. Don't know what the solution to the mosquito problem could be, except to alert city officials, maybe they can spray or something.
Thank you again for your website. Since I live near downtown, I think I will take my pup to the Rickenbacker Causeway beach next weekend, since that seems to be the closest place, I just hope it's not full of hungry mosquitoes like Kennedy Park is. 
(Thank You - T. Echazabal)


Dog  Park: (NE Miami)

Beautiful new park in Miami next to the Grand on Biscayne Bay.
Between 22 St and 17 St. NE Miami on North Bayshore Drive, this park
has plenty of space and fields to run around; lots of people watching.
 The condo owners in the area all take their dogs there.  There are
pickup bag stations in about two or three places.  There is even a
"beach" area where the dogs can go if they are so inclined.
(Thank You - Jim, Debbie, and Alley (the dog)

Support Proposed Bark: (Davie)

There is a growing grass roots movement to get a dog park in Davie, FL. We are still working on finding a location.
Some funding has been set aside by the town. Here is our new website:
davie dog park
Thanks, Marie Etzler

Fort Lauderdale:

A stretch of ocean beach, beginning at Sunrise and A1A, has been designated the 'dog beach' in Fort Lauderdale. A permit is required to use this beach and you must have it with you. 

 Please see the web pages below for changes such as seasonal time change, prices, location, etc...  or you can go to the web page A "Doggie" Guide to City Parks in Fort Lauderdale at 

Laura Marsh
Parks & Recreation Department
City of Fort Lauderdale

Also in Fort Lauderdale, north of Sunrise Blvd. right before where the hotels start on the east side of A1A. There's no life guard and a dog is free to swim and play in the sand. We suggest keeping your dog leashed( or at least attached) in case you have to grab him when people walk by on the beach. Otherwise they can pretty much run free as long as you have control of the dog. Bring plenty of plastic bags to pick up the doodie, as this keeps everyone on the beach happy. (Thank you - Constance, Coconut Creek)

Update Warning: The City of Ft. Lauderdale voted unanimously to ban dogs on the sidewalks on both sides of A1A, along the beach from Harbor Drive to 18th Street. The limited dog area is still available at the foot of Sunrise, but this ban should be considered a reversal in acceptance for dog owners and since the ban was voted in unanimously, the political direction and motivation of the city council must be monitored by all dog owners in Broward. Over 700,000 dogs and cats have been registered in Broward County since 1994. This number suggests that there is a sizeable number of dog owners in Ft Lauderdale and Broward County. It is important for dog owners to make sure that they are being equally represented in legislative matters

Hugh Taylor Birch Park: (Ft. Lauderdale)

We have found the Hugh Taylor Birch Park, on Sunrise, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. to be a great place to take our pets. We did have a little bit of a bad experience at the annual Christmas Boat Parade, the crowd gets very excited, and there are fireworks, and our two dogs became frightened. But other than that, we have had a great time with our pets there. The park personnel are also quite friendly. (Thank You Pam,Shelby, and Stetson)

Markham Park: (Ft. Lauderdale)

A super place to play with your doggies is Markham Park. We take our dogs out on Sunday...There is a lake in the "back" of the park for Jet Ski's and Wave Runners. Dogs are allowed in the water off shore. great fun for Frisbee chasers. There are also other areas of the park, along with camping facilities all dog friendly ! (Thank You - Chilllov )
Update: I just wanted to let you know that this park has a new dog park area.  The new area is divided for big dogs and small dogs.  They have activity equipment, lots of grass, trees, water fountains for humans and dogs, bags/trash cans, a shaded area for owners,'s great! Entrance fee is $1/person on weekends.  I believe the weekdays are free. Enjoy! 
(Thank You - Andreina) 
Hi. I visited Markham Park this Sunday, Feb. 10, 2002. The signs around all the lakes will say No Swimming.. I finally located park personnel and asked, where did the dogs visit and play in? And I was notified that, dogs must be on a leash in the park at all times and that dogs weren't allowed to swim in those lakes , as there are gators in them. This is information I found out after 45 min. of, letting my Golden Retriever romp around in the water and also, run around without his leash on. We had a field to ourselves and I will say, upon entering the park, nothing was volunteered to me information wise...This was my first time to Markham Park. I will say the attendant at the Entrance of the park was not very informative. I asked him to direct me to the area where the dogs are allowed.. All he said was, Just go to the very back of the park. Well after driving all the way back there, I came to a Firing Range.. I made a U-turn and decided to seek out my own little area. So, all in all, there are no gator signs posted. But, had I known of sightings, I would never had let my dog go full throttle into the water. So, let it be known that, the Park Rangers at Markham Park are very adamant about dogs being on leashes and that there are gators in those lakes and that dogs are REALLY, not supposed to go swimming.
( Thank You - JS)
Update: I frequent Markham park with my big puppy, Smokey, throughout the week. During the week, it is empty, so I allow him to run freely without a leash for hours. I even roller blade through pavilions where dogs are not allowed and not one person has EVER said anything to me. Most of the time I am there practically by myself and have the whole park for just me and Smokey!!! I LOVE MARKHAM PARK!!! Plus, there is a nature trail just on the left of the park entrance that is woodsy and Smokey can run freely over logs and through the trees. Do not worry about wild animals, the only animal in woods I have ever seen was an a harmless and scared to death armadillo. On the weekends, it is so crowded that I prefer to keep Smokey on the leash. There are many people with their dogs running freely throughout the park. As for the alligators, I have seen many LARGE ones sun bathing and floating atop the water!!! BE CAREFUL!!!! There are NO SIGNS!!!!! This park gets an A++++!!!!
(Thank You - S. Smile)
Update Warning: Hi there, just some notes about Markham Park...recently they have posted at the front entrance dogs must be on a six foot leash at all times. Most of the workers at the front gate are 'students' and do not know too much about the park as they are only there on the weekends when there is a fee to get into the park. There are now several 'poop' stations around that offer baggies to pick up your dog's poop and dispose of it in garbage cans. Due to the fact that the park borders the everglades it frequently has gators and moccasins (poisonous snakes). The water is very dirty and I wouldn't allow my dog in it anyways but there are so many no swimming signs it is hard to miss one. One main reason is it may look nice and shallow near shore but all of the lakes have steep sudden drop offs because these lakes were dug for fill, not for swimming. Some can drop off 15 feet only six feet off of shore. It is hard to find employees during the week because they are working and taking care of the park and do not have time to patrol. Most of the employees love dogs and enjoy stopping and talking to the owners and petting the dogs. The only time I see employees asking people to put their dogs back on the leash is if the dog is causing a problem with other patrons or if it's running in the streets. Dogs are allowed ANYWHERE in the park. But, whether or not there are signs about leashes, it IS a Broward County Ordinance to keep your dog on a leash.
(Thank You - Cesstrelle)

Tree Top Park: (Ft. Lauderdale)

Dogs are allowed almost everywhere in France... When I came to Florida , one year ago, with my dog , a 15 year old healthy jack russel, it was not the same story!! So, we tried to find some friendly places and one of them, is the Tree Top Park, a nice park with a small lake where Tubo can swim and walk without a leash. This park is in Fort Lauderdale, west of Griffin Road, and north of Palm Avenue, to the right. (Thank You - Flybic)

Notice: Just this last weekend (June 18,2001) my boyfriend and I took our three black Labs to both Tree Tops Park and Markham Park. Unfortunately at Tree Tops we were immediately informed all dogs had to be on leashes and absolutely not in the water... Oh well, Then when we drove to Markham County Park, the dogs were Okay on leashes and probably in the water but the Ranger said there have been many sightings of Gators there...Sorry, I was very disappointed. (Lesley.B.)

Bark Park / Snyder Park : (Ft. Lauderdale)

Bark Park 3299 SW 4th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale (954) 468-1585. Bark Park is a great new place to walk your dog and meet friends! Located within the traditional setting of beautiful Snyder Park, it was built by the Parks and Recreation Department. Thank You - Cathy)
Hi, my name is Rusty and I am a Schnauzer. I recently visited the Bark Park in Amelia and noticed a few additions. They have put in fire hydrants along the walking path and a sand pit towards the end of the park with some trees and plants around it. It makes the park look very nice and fun to play in. Bark Park
(Thank You - Rusty from Hialeah)

Pembroke Pines: (Broward)

There's a great new off-leash dog park in Pembroke Pines at the FPL easement, off Johnson Street, just east of Palm Avenue. The agility/play equipment is new, there's a separate area for dogs under 30 lbs and there are pooper scooper bag dispensers.
(Thank you - Linda L.)

Happy Tails: (Plantation - Broward)

There's a brand new dog park in Plantation. Take University Dr north, turn right on Peters, right on 59th and right on 16th. It's right across from Tropical Elementary school. It's brand new, and they have water fountains for you and your dog!
(Thank you - Linda L.)

The City of Plantation (Broward County, FL) recently opened up a new dog park called Happy Tails. The park is usually not too crowded and a great place to bring your dog. Park admission is free and the park is open approximately sunrise to sunset. There is a large fenced area, a smaller fenced area for small dogs and a third fenced area with agility equipment. There is also an area where the K9 unit practices. The park is located across from Seminole Park at Seminole Middle School. From University Drive, go east on Peters Road. Turn right on Fig Tree Lane (SW 63 Ave). Go to stop sign and turn right. Park entrance will be on left hand side.
(Thank You - Becky J. H.) (Thank You - Cathy D.)

Lighthouse: -(Pompano Beach)

Update Warning: It has been reported by police in the area that dogs are no longer allowed on the beach at the lighthouse. It might be best to avoid this area. (Thank You - SPINN)
Update Addition: The City of Pompano Beach begins on the south side of the Hillsborough inlet and stretches to the south. The lighthouse is not in the City of Pompano Beach but since they can't get there because it is only accessible by boat, people bring their dogs to the south side of the inlet in the City of Pompano Beach. There are beach accesses that they use to gain access to the beach which is not allowed. Most importantly, dogs are not allowed off leash at any location in the City of Pompano Beach. We have had incidents on the beach of people chased and this area is trafficked by many beach walkers, many who have complained that they feel unsafe walking up the beach when they see dogs running loose. I have attached copies of the City ordinance so that you have factual information regarding dogs on the beach and running loose. Please update your websites to reflect this factual information. The beaches and beach accesses are being patrolled regularly. Fines start at $50 for a first offense. Quite a few people are under the impression from website info that it is OK to take their dog out on the beach in the City of Pompano and let it loose. It is not.
Thank you for your cooperation.
City of Pompano Beach
Animal Control Division
1201 NE 5 Avenue
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
Links to the ordinance documents were not added because they include text that encourages chaining pets in open vehicles. We do not want to encourage this practice

Update Warning (more): In the city of pompano beach website, it states that Dogs are not allowed on the beach.  I was very happy and excited when I saw that you listed it as dogs allowed on a leash, but according to the city they are not.  Please correct, so no one will get fined. 
(Thank You - Lenore F.)

Dr. Paul's Pet Care Center Dog Park.:(InnoPet Park) (Coral Springs)

2 acre park dedicated to dogs. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, at no cost. It sports a paved running path , leash posts, a watering area, a dog shower, doggie 'bags', and other equipment. Many dog events are staged here. (Thank you Dr. Steven Paul and InnoPet Dog Food for this contribution to the dog community).
Update: Last week I went to the Inno Dog Park. I was disappointed to see that it was not a nice as other parks that me and my puppy frequent. Plus there isn't anyone at the gate to make sure that the dogs that go in are properly vaccinated. Further more, some of the dog owners bring aggressive males that are not supposed to be around other dogs or pups for that matter. Lastly, we saw dog owners playing fetch in the water with their dogs, when there was a city sign that warned that there were gators in the water. I would not recommend this park to most of the dog owners that I know,
(Thank You - Doris A.)
more: I live 2 blocks from this dog park and I take my dog there 3x week. This is the best place I have found yet. I would not worry about alligators in the lake because I don't take my dog to the lake and you shouldn't either. The lake is NOT part of the park. There are enough doggie fountains and play areas for playing with dogs and teaching them tricks without having to go to the lake. (and YES I have seen a 3-foot alligator in the lake), SO DO NOT take your dog to the lake. The park is completely fenced.
(Thank You - L. Levy)
more: I was so happy to find your site listing dog parks! It is so informative! I just wanted to let you know about an update to InnoPet Park in Coral Springs. They have put up a fence around the lake to keep the dogs out now. Owners are supposed to leash their dogs when they leave the gated dog area anyway. You wrote that there were aggressive dogs there when you visited and yes, they do come around occasionally, though in general we have a wonderful time there with our beagle. Even with the place being a bit crowded on the weekends.
(Thank You - Lady C.)
Update: :)  Innopet Park is no longer called that.  It's now called Dr. Paul's Pet Care Center Dog Park.  It's had this new name for well over three years now :) (Thank You - Aliza Forman)

Dog Park - Mizner Bark: (Boca Raton)

The dog park in Boca Raton on Baynan Blvd has recently reopened. It is now called "Mizner Bark". 
(Thank you -.
RF. Salkowski)

Dog Park: (Boca Raton)

They have opened a temporary dog park in Boca, which might become permanent or the city will move it to a new section after 2 years, but for now we have one. Its located on Yamato Rd between congress and military trail. from I-95 go west on Yamato past congress.....At Broken Sound Blvd make a left, on the right hand side you will see a sign, with a small fenced pathway, that will lead you to the dog park, just mark on the left hand side... No leash needed at this park, baggies and scoopers provided at the park, with dog water fountains and tennis balls. (Thank You - Eyal)

We take our two rescued aussies to BDP almost every weekday, in the mornings. I am on the committee. Couple of things:

1) WEDNESDAYS it opens at noon (maintenance)
2) Nice group of people (who would have known in snooty BOCA? haha)
3) LOTS of shade (unlike Delray)

(Thank you - TValant)

 Dog Beach: (Delray Beach)

Avoid - Beach Closed to Dogs

Take I-95 South to Woolbright Rd. go East to A1A and take a right. The dog beach is on the left (the road by Nomad Surf Shop), but you'll have to drop a friend off with the dog. Then continue to drive south to Gulfstream Park (free parking). Dogs are allowed off leashes and I brought my yellow lab last weekend. The dogs, and people, were very friendly. No one minded when an unknown dog walked over to say hello. Hope this helps out.
(Thank you - Christy S)
Update Warning: Thanks to people not picking up after there dog, dogs are no longer allowed at the Boynton beach (just s. of Woolbright on a1a)
(Thank you - Shannon Gospodarek
Transportation Coordinator)
Dog beach correction: We live in Boynton Beach and I know the area of Delray beach that is described in your Delray beach section. I did want to point out to you that when you get to A1A from Woolbright Road it is a right turn there to get to the Nomad surf shop. I thought you might like to change that on the site, you have it listed to turn left at A1A.
(Thank you - Connie & Bullie)

Notice: Dog owners must pick up their dog's waste. They must also come prepared with plastic bags The County of Palm Beach has posted that dog pick up laws and leashing laws are strictly enforced. This small parcel of beachfront property has now become completely inundated with dogs and their owners. Most people, including myself, are responsible and pick up after their dogs; many are not. I am a resident in the area and would hate to see "dog beach" closed because some people don't know how to act responsibly.
(Thank You -Dog Friendly)

Caution: Watch where you park My girlfriend and I took our dogs to Dog Beach a few weeks ago. We would definitely not recommend going to this place. There is no public parking at this beach and when we tried to park, one of the residents went through the roof. They said we would be towed immediately and that that beach was not meant for dog traffic - only for use of local residents in that neighborhood. So, we parked at the bank for a few hoping to find that we simply ran into a "bad apple". To no avail, we got back at the car 30 minutes later to find our car towed! $125.00 plus the cab fare to Lake Worth to get the car! Four hours later, we finally got home. From now on, we'll go elsewhere. Just a word of warning - a bit of venting.
(Thank you - Dean and Jessica)
More: Dog beach in Delray Beach is absolutely perfect, people and dogs are very friendly, but there is no facility there. You can go to the next park but with out your dog. Of course if you are alone, who will watch your dog ( Thank You - ANDREA Delray Beach)
More: The dog beach in Delray is a great place to take your dogs, but the natives are VERY unfriendly. They do not want us here and with the help Commissioner Mary McCarty they are doing everything possible to make it illegal for dogs to be there.
(Thank You - TH)

More: (April 2006) I had not frequented this beach in well over a year, and I went last Thursday with a new friend and her new dog.
well, after seeing the posted "no dogs " sign, and after driving 45 minutes, I decided to stay. I figured if anyone complained, I would just apologize and leave.
well, only one woman made a comment, and it was simply "you do know no dogs are allowed here?" to which I replied "I saw the signs, but we drove from Hollywood. do my dogs offend you?" to which she looked at my two dogs, an aussie and blue heeler, whom where in a down-stay for the entire duration of our conversation, and she made no comment and walked back to her towel.
well, about an hour later, while I am swimming with my dogs, I see an officer on the beach, motioning for us to swim in.
here is where things get hairy-he was rather gruff and asked me if I knew I was breaking the law. I told him I did see the sign, and we would leave. oh-no. that was not going to work! he threatened to have me arrested, fine me 1000$, have my dogs taken from me and impounded, and impound my car!!!!
he followed my friend and I back to my car (which I parked at the surf shop like I did years before) and he asked for our id's. he was very polite and nice afterwards, and I think he just had to be ruff on the beach to show the beach-goers he meant business.
anyways, he just kept us there for a bit, and let me put my dogs in the car with the ac. on (at this point, I knew we'd have no problems)
he then asked me what I thought he should do-so I told him I hoped he could see we where not locals and that we had no criminal record. not only that, I told him I never thought that simply enjoying the day on the beach with our dogs was such a horrible criminal offense. he proceeded to tell me that people can get parasites from dog droppings-which I know, I'm a vet tech- but I felt that that was a lame excuse for the ignorance of other dog owners who did not pick up after their dogs. now I know nowhere that a whole family-including dogs-can freely swim in the ocean. I mean, people with HIV pee in the ocean, raccoons poop on the beach, and rotting carcasses float up all the time... what's the deal with a few soggy, salty dogs and their responsible people?? 
I never had such a scare-but I guess people really hate dogs on the beach.
(Thank you - Roxanne, oyez., and ember)



Lake Ida Park: (Delray Beach)

Thought I'd let you know about a new, wonderful park for your dogs. Delray Beach has just opened the new park in Lake Ida Park. It's run by the Palm Beach Co. Parks and Recreation Division. I have visited the park with my dog three times in the last couple of weeks. Great fun! I think you should list this park in your web page for those who don't yet know about it.
(Thank You - Greg)
This is the best dog park. Sometimes the parks for the smaller dogs aren't as big. This one is big with minimal trees, for lots of running. A ++++++
(Thank You Pvb)

Delray DogPark:
Opens at noon THURSDAYS. (Thank You - TValant)

Quiet Waters Park: (Deerfield Beach)

I take my dog there in the mornings and there are always a lot of dogs. On the weekends, a ranger rides around on a bike making sure that they are on leashes. I spoke to a man the other day and he said during the week no one is ever around to say anything. There are 3 lakes. I am not sure which ones they can swim in. I let my dog swim wherever she jumps in and no one has ever said anything.
(Thank you - Ashley K.)

Quiet Waters Caution: Caution for dogs: there has been warnings by the rangers, as of July 22, 2000 that they have seen Alligator sightings on land and in water. It's not posted, just by word of mouth. They may not want to chase people away. I'd let you know just the same. I walk my dog there most every weekend. Its a great place. (Thank You - Sally)
More: For unsurpassed almost crystal clear water go to Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Bch. Costs you a buck per person to get on Sat, Sun and Holidays other than that it's free. There is a sign that says pets must be leashed but it is definitely not enforced when dogs are swimming. I had been going there for 7 yrs before I moved and never had a problem with park staff. There are 3 lakes to choose from. I suggest going to the very back of the park and cutting Fido loose for some swimming fun. This park is my/and my dog's absolute favorite. I did see a 4 ft gator once in the all the yrs I have been going, so be careful and keep eyes peeled.
(Thank You - Valerie)

Wellington: (Palm Beach County)

Wellington, FL has a dog park. It is about 3 acres, fenced with separate areas for the big and small dogs. Benches, trees, water and poop bags are all available and a restroom .   For unsurpassed almost crystal clear water go to Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Bch. Costs you a buck per person to get on Sat, Sun and Holidays other than that it's free. There is a sign that says pets must be leashed but it is definitely not enforced when dogs are swimming. I had been going there for 7 yrs before I moved and never had a problem with park staff. There are 3 lakes to choose from. I suggest going to the very back of the park and cutting Fido loose for some swimming fun. This park is my/and my dog's absolute favorite. I did see a 4 ft gator once in the all the yrs I have been going, so be careful and keep eyes peeled.
the shelter area will be added in the next few months. Adjacent to the dog park is a play area for the kids. The dog park is located in Greenbriar Park at Aero Club Dr. and Greenbriar Blvd. in Wellington, Florida 33414.
For more information you may contact: Gwynne Williams,
Wellington Parks and Recreation, 561/791-4005 x132.
(Thank you - Craig Dopp Friends of Wellington Dog Park)

More: We live in Wellington, Florida, a "suburb" of West Palm Beach. Wellington is typically known for our Equestrian shows and is basically a very animal friendly town.  Just over a year ago local residents along with several local veterinarians sponsored a leash-free / fee -  free dog park in the Aero Club Drive Park.  The park is several acres of fenced lush greenery and is separated into 2 areas - dogs over 25 lbs and under 25 lbs.  Each area is furnished with poop bags, picnic tables, benches, water and bathing facilities and many shade trees.  Over the past few years we have spent many hours at various dog parks in Broward County and can honestly say that none are as nice or as well cared for as the Wellington Dog Park.  One Sunday I counted 183 dogs and there was still plenty of roaming space available!  Wellington has always been a very family oriented town, and by including our pets in the community makes Wellington one of the BEST places to live in South Florida.
 (Thank - you C. & S. Wool)

More:  I'm not sure that we were at the same Greenbriar Dog park, out in Wellington that the other people are describing but we sure were sadly disappointed in what we found there when we took our two dogs for what we thought would be a great dog park and  closer to home.  There was one picnic table on the side for small dogs and several benches on the side for the larger dogs. The "shade trees" have about 5 more years of growing to be of any use and they are mostly planted on the north/south side of the benches so not much protection from the summer sun.  The watering area is completely muddy all around the base because of the water run off.   The bathing area is a 3 x 3 foot square tub about ankle deep with slimy standing water and a broken hose. If you do manage to get your dog semi rinsed off, he or she, will be muddy and sandy before you get them to the car because after you wash them you must walk them through mulch, which sticks to their fur, then walk through a shell rock parking lot where the sand also clings to their feet and fur. For a park that is in such a wealthy area between polo ponies and private airplanes, I guess we expected too much for them to have a nice park for other peoples dogs to use. 
(Thank You - Henry & Crystal W.)

Okeeheelee Park: (Palm Beach County)

If you did not know already, there is a doggie park at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach which is located off of Forest Hill Boulevard just west of Jog Road. When you enter the park through the main entrance (North side of road close to where the ski boats go) go straight and follow the signs to the park. It is located up on a hill. My dog has a wonderful time there. It has separate spots for small and large dogs and in the middle between both areas is an area to wash dogs off. There is one pavilion each in each section and a few benches but lots of roaming areas for dogs. Sometimes it does get a little muddy but what doggie park doesn't. PLEASE pick up after your dogs, because I did notice people pretending not to see there dogs going to the bathroom and then there are piles everyone for the maintenance people to pick up which is not far at all. If everyone watched their dogs, as they should do always (dogs tend to sometimes have aggressive moments), then we would have more dog-friendly areas.
 This is a good time to have at this fairly new park (I think it opened about 2 years ago).
(Thank You - Gina :)

Singer Island: (Palm Beach County)

Singer Island, which is right next to West Palm Beach is incredibly dog friendly. The beach has little cabańas where you and your canine can recline and stay shaded. There are also a few hotels nearby that allow pets.
(Thank You - DasySpark)
Update: we went looking for a dog friendly place and found no dog posted signs. Better choice is Jupiter Beach which is very dog friendly. (Thank You - koya)

We live in Northwest Broward, so we have made great use of InnoPet Park at Coral Springs. Very nice park and always lots of friendly folks there. I highly recommend it. On the advice of your page, we drove up to Jupiter Beach, and were not sorry a bit. A nice beach with some interesting rock formations to explore. Surf was a bit heavy for smaller dogs, but lots of area to romp in the sand. We also found a good wading area at Jupiter Inlet, just across from the Lighthouse. We parked near the Crab House restaurant and walked down by the boat docks to find a good shallow sandy area which nobody seemed to mind us using. All in all, Jupiter does seem quite dog friendly, and it is a pleasant little town. About the only "No Dogs" place we found was the Lighthouse Park.
(Thank you - Bob, Sigita, and Geronimoe)

Patrick Air Force Base: (Cocoa Beach/Melbourne)

Careful - Status Changed - See below! The beach in front of Patrick Air Force Base between Cocoa Beach and Melbourne allows dogs. You have to keep them on a leash but at least they can hang out with you. 
(Thank you - LuvDaBugs)

Patrick Air Force Base Updates: There is a change at the Patrick Air Force Base. I was there about a month ago and absolutely loved it. So I returned a week later (I drove from my home in Orlando) to find a "pets are prohibited" sign on the ramp.
(Thank You - Wendy R.)

Regarding Patrick AFB beach, my husband stopped at the beach near the NCO club, and saw a sign that said no pets allowed on the beach.  We will keep looking for beaches in Brevard to find one that allows dog. If we find one, we will let you know.
(Thank You - P. Snyder)

Satellite Beach: (Brevard County)

There's a Off-leash Dog Park in Satellite Beach in Brevard County. Satellite Beach
Opened June 29, 2002 Seven Days a Week
Park Phone # (321) 777-8004
Entrance Fees
$2 for up to 2 people with 3 dogs
$3 for more than 2 people or more than 3 dogs
Annual Memberships
Individual (human) $150
($100 if all dogs are spayed/neutered)
Family (human) $200
($150 if all dogs are spayed/neutered)
Includes unlimited visits during hours of operation and invitations to special events. Proof of shot records and vaccinations required. All dogs must wear their Brevard County animal license tags on collar.
Dog Park Features
6' perimeter fence (1.5 acres)
Double-gated security entrance area
Separate fenced small-dog area
Tables and benches under shade trees
Dog-wash and drinking water areas
Dog toys, playground equipment, fire hydrants!
Waste disposal stations throughout
Next to natural habitat area
Located at Satellite Beach Sports & Recreation Park next to public library. Parking and restrooms nearby. Lots of nice dogs! It is a wonderful place and a necessity for my 1 yr. old coonhound, with a one bedroom apartment. (Thanks Val, Steve,& Daisy)
(Thank You - Securts)

Sebastian Inlet: (Brevard County)

Sebastian Inlet in Brevard County allows dogs on the River side, not on the actual beach. Dogs can play in the tidal pool area, trails and fishing areas. Lets try to get other beaches Dog Friendly! (Thank You - Buford's mom and dad in Melbourne, FL)

Update: My husband and I tried Sebastian's Inlet. The one and only visit was not good. We ran into a Park Ranger that said dogs are not allowed anywhere on the beaches or on the riverside. However, she walks her dogs off the leash on the beach in the early morning hours and instructed us on where we could let our dogs swim. Simply put, Sebastian's is not dog friendly. Leashed dogs are only allowed in the State Park's grassy areas and trails. The Park Ranger drew us a map of how to get to an area in the State Park where we could let our dogs swim. But, she said, you can get caught if your not careful. Just as we were ready to give up and go home, we stopped in at the marina parking lot just north of the bridge off of A1A. We asked a group of men if they knew of any other place were we could let our dogs swim. They pointed to a trail right across the street from the marina parking lot. They mentioned seeing two large dogs out on the beach right now. Nervous about getting caught, curiosity weighed out and we walked out to the beach with our dogs anyway. I couldn't relax, for fear of getting caught, so we left after just a few minutes. On the way out I got into a confrontation with a man that obviously was/is opposed to our being there with our dogs. He wasn't verbally aggressive. He challenged my reasons for going out there even after being warned not to. I simply told him that it was our choice to take the risk and we did. The dogs were on their leash and we picked up after them. He said nothing more. Irony is, he was with of a small group that were out their picking up garbage dumped by people along highway A1A. Who's picking up after who? I never shy down from a challenge. Especially when it involves my buddies. We recently moved from Melbourne to Fort Lauderdale. I'm glad that there is a place to take my pups without having to look over my shoulder constantly.
(Thank You - Liz)
Update: We have never had any problems with our dog being allowed on the riverside part of the inlet.  During low tide there is tons of sandy areas for him to run around.  They do have to be kept on leash but since this is a state park dogs are allowed.  We've always had a positive experience there. 
(Thank You - S Caleen)

Daytona-New Smyrna Dog Beach/Ponce de Leon Inlet: (Daytona)

Somewhere near the Daytona-New Smyrna Beach inlet on the Daytona side, there is a beach that allows dogs for a $3 charge. They also provide a plastic "accident" bag.(Thank you again J. Donovan)
Update We recently went to the dog beach located near Daytona. It is right next to the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse. Actually on the inlet area itself. I noticed that on your page you noted that to take your dog it is a $3 fee. Just to pass on some info. The fee is charged whether you have a dog or not. People either go to take their dogs or go to fish. So they charge a fee for anyone going in. It was a great time. Thanks again for doing such a great job. Keep up the good work. (Thank You - Boz)
Update The heavy construction in that area has completed and Lighthouse Point Park has reopened as of 07/14/02. The actual address is: 5000 Robert A. Merrill Pkwy, Ponce Inlet, Fl
(Thank You - Donate4edu)
more I have just returned from New Smyrna beach and was very disappointed. It gets 3 paws down. There is a posting for dogs owners when you enter the park about the water being very high in bacteria and they do not recommend swimming for people. If I shouldn't go in, neither should me best friend. Requiring dogs to be on leads even when in the water really bites. My dog could not enjoy herself (she likes to dive under water), and even with two people it was a bit difficult to work around the leash. The beach in itself was very dirty. The water smelled a bit foul and the "sand" was more like mud. A LOT of pet owners were not cleaning up after their pets and you could tell. and smell...hint, hint.  I have just relocated from Ft. Lauderdale, and maybe I have been spoiled by the crystal clear water of Quiet Waters park and the clean sandy beaches of Ft. Lauderdale but I won't go back to New Smyrna, if I could I would get my money back (Thank You - Valerie)

Smyrna Dunes Park: (New Smyrna Beach)

I am the manager of Smyrna Dunes Park. We do allow dogs on our beach, however dogs must be leashed at all times even when in the water. Dogs are becoming a real problem for us and a lot of people want them out of the park. If dog owners do not become more responsible I'm afraid dogs will be banned from the park in the future. This rule also applies at Light House Point. Our fee is 3.50 to get in. (Thank You - Mark B.)
Lighthouse Point Update: We took our two Airedales to the beach today. The first note is that the Beach at "Lighthouse Point" is closed for renovations through the remainder of 2000. However, the security guard kindly gave us directions to "Smyrna Dunes" about 25 minutes drive away (but just on the other side of Ponce Inlet). Smyrna Dunes is a beautiful beach were sea oats and mangroves abound. The county has built boardwalks to the beach with bathrooms and shower facilities -- which were even clean! The cost was $3.50 per car load.....basically a parking fee. This guard at Smyrna Dunes was also dog friendly and gave us specific guidance as to where dogs were allowed. (P.S. If you a resident of Volusia County, you can buy an annual pass costing only $20.00, and never have to pay the $3.50 fee.) Anyway, once on the beach.....everyone had their dogs! It was great. Leashes are required all the time. There are doggy bags (for those stinky gifts we all get) made available by the park free of charge. It was a very friendly atmosphere. We enjoyed it greatly! (Thank You - D. Stern)

Daytona: (Volusia County)

Neither Indian River County nor Brevard County allow dogs in parks or beaches. Some of us are trying to change that. In Volusia County (Daytona area) dogs are allowed in the Parks but not on the beaches. the exceptions are: Smyrna dunes Park and Lighthouse Point Park. Both parks are on the beach and allow dogs, on leashes on the beach. They are allowed in the water without leashes but when they come out they must be releashed. The parks dept. provide "poop" bags. (Thank you - Vselubsky)

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Park: (Hobe Sound)

This park costs $5 per vehicle. Dogs must be leashed however if you go north, away from the people, the dogs can run along the beach and swim at their pleasure. This is a beautiful area with a long, long stretch of undeveloped beach. (Thank You -W. Mountz)

Jupiter Beach (not Juno Beach): (Palm Beach)

A very nice beach, very natural, not built up at all. Dogs are allowed. (Thank you RMahan)
Juno Beach Update: Dogs are not allowed on Juno Beach. They are allowed on Jupiter Beach which is right next to Juno. You know when you are in Jupiter Beach because when you park and go to go down the stairs to the beach there's a container with bags to pick up your dog's waste. YOU MUST PICKUP YOUR DOG'S WASTE. There are waste receptacles to dispose of the bags. Your dog is allowed to go on the beach without a leash as long as he responds to voice commands. (Thank you - Luis B)

Juno Beach Update2: Juno Beach is very restrictive and you may not take your dog on the beach. Just north of Juno is Jupiter Beach - almost 2 miles long and open to dogs. We have a well organized group (Friends of Jupiter Beach) that works hard to keep the dog beach privilege going. Details of the group and its activities can be found on the website. (Thank you - Dick S.)

Flagler Beach: (Flagler)

North of the city of Flagler dogs are allowed on the beach with a leash. Flagler Beach is so uncommercialized that you can let your dog run loose if no one is around. Very quiet & very few dogs or people. (Thank you rottncorgi)

Flagler Beach Update2 5/13/00: Do not let your dogs run free anytime in Flagler Beach since this will lead to a complete ban on dogs on the beach, period. This is a promise from an unnamed City Commissioner!
(Thank you - mtiwmhc22)
Due to people with pets not respecting the leash laws, residents are up in arms to ban dogs from all of Flagler Beach. If you want to continue to visit with your animal make sure to have your pet on a leash and a doggy bag to show the police that you are prepared to clean up after your pet. (Thank You - trikemama)

Note: Irresponsibility by pet owners has resulted in a crackdown and loss of privileges. Right now, it is not a good idea to have your pet off-leash. The following are several contributions which outline problems that have occurred in Flagler Beach:

Flagler Beach Update: Dogs are allowed within the city limits, on leashes, except for the area between 10th ST. North and 10th ST. South, the area loosely defined as "downtown" where the pier is. Every where else pets are fine on leashes, which is several miles of nearly deserted beach. It is accurate to say most of the time, dogs can run free. If they are not well behaved and scare someone or their pet, the police will respond to a complaint. This happened a few weeks ago when a lady was bitten for jogging. Big crackdown, citations issued (my son got one), etc. First time in the five years we've lived here. (Thank You - Chris T.)
Two elderly citizens that I know personally have been attacked, one bitten and the other knocked down suffering a broken tail bone. They are now afraid to use the beach. Others have complained about the waste that is left behind. I have had a dog urinate on my tackle box while I was surf fishing and have stepped in excrement while walking on the beach. I've seen dogs running free with a leash and the owner, when someone approaches, make a feeble attempt to catch the dog. After the person passes the attempt stops and the dog continues to run free. The idea that it is OK to let your dog run free if no one is around is misguided. Some people will not go down to the beach when they see a loose dog. I don't mind having dogs on the beach as long as they are on a leash and the leash is held, they are picked up after and kept away from other beach visitors. If dog owners will follow the rules everyone will be able to enjoy the beach. (Thank you - Jay R.)

I have been going to Flagler Beach for several years with my Golden, and although it's very tempting to let your dog off-leash to run, swim and chase careful -- I received a $35.00 ticket for having my dog off-leash last summer (second offenses are $100.00!!) It's about the best dog beach I've found in Central Florida, but beware - there is a leash law at Flagler Beach and they are serious!
(Thank You - Marcia C.)

Beverly Beach Camptown: (Flagler County)

You back your camper right up to the sea wall and leashed, quiet dogs and cats are welcome. Of course you must clean up after the animal. From I-95 take exit at state road 100 Flagler Beach. Go east to route A1A and then 3 miles north to Beverly Beach Camptown. Nice place with a restaurant on the premises. (Thank you Sunnie)

Florida Keys:

Dogs are welcomed along the 80 miles or so of beaches and bridges from Key Largo to Key West. There are many places to stop and swim for people and all the undeveloped public swimming areas allow dogs. It has been brought to my attention that Monroe County has recently removed the ban on dogs from its county run beaches. Even though signs are still posted, dogs are now allowed . Although dogs are treated as tourist attractions in Key West, there is only one beach where they are welcomed. Of course, it is called Dog Beach by locals and is found adjacent to Louie's Backyard Restaurant near the Southernmost Point.
Keys Update: I live in Marathon and recently spent several weeks working with one of the County Commissioners to try and avoid a decision to ban pets from all county parks and beaches. Unfortunately, they have passed this decision, with only two exceptions, Sombrero Beach in Marathon, and Key Largo Park in Key Largo. This applies to County property, not state parks, and it was quite a blow. We worked very hard just to be able to keep these two locations, recruiting a volunteer force to patrol the beach, install bag stations and designed signs to encourage people to pick up after their animals. The most frustrating part was that the government did not announce to the public what their intention was until a day or so before the hearing and there was little representation from pet owners. Once again, the little people fighting the big bad government. Most people were not even aware that this was being considered, and the whole idea of the ban was presented by the Public Works department who complained about "people not picking up after their dogs, dogs running at large, and people being bitten". There was one isolated instance of a person being bitten at Key Largo Park and not one complaint from the public at any other location in the Keys. On a more humorous note, when the ordinance was originally written it stated that dogs would be banned from all County "property", not just parks and beaches. This would have included the three County animal shelters! They corrected the wording after the local radio station pointed it out to them... (Thank you - D&D)

Dog Park: (Keys - Islamorada)

Word has it that there is now an official off-leash dog park in Islamorada.

Anne's Beach: (Keys - Lower Matecumbe Key)

On vacation last week, my husband and I were driving around the Keys looking for a clean, sandy place to introduce our two 1 year old pups to swimming. We found a place called "Anne's Beach" somewhere between mile markers 70-75 (Lower Matecumbe Key). Its fairly shallow, and we were not the only ones who had our dogs there. There are two sections to the beach, connected by a boardwalk that has decks built off of it where there is picnic tables and places to barbeque (bring your own grill). The southern part of the beach is where we had our dogs. To my knowledge, there is no leash requirements for this beach, however, it is right on Route 1 (overseas highway). We kept a leash on our dogs at all times. There were other dogs who were not leashed. It was a great place, clean, sandy and no one seemed to mind the dogs being around. Thanks for the great website! (Thank You - Dawn)

Dog Beaches: (Key West)

(Thank You - Jay and Sabrina)

Higgs Beach Dog Park: (Key West)

Thanks to the hard work of concerned Key West citizens the town that is known for its pet friendly atmosphere is now even more pet friendly. Key West now has a wonderful fenced in dog park at Higgs Beach Park (on the corner of White Street and Atlantic Blvd.) The park features areas for both large and small dogs, water fountains, shade, and views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Please contact me for more information.
- Connie Christian -

(Thank you - Connnie & Sterling)

More: There is a beach there as well as a fishing pier.  Nice place to hang out with you pooch.   Very dog friendly!!
 (Thank You - Susan)

"Rover Run" Veterans Park: (North Naples - West Coast)

A dog park has opened in North Naples,Fl. recently. It is in Veterans Park. (Thank You - ka59)

I just wanted to let you know that the dog-unfriendly grip of Collier County government has loosened a bit and they have given us a new dog park where dogs can run free in an enclosed area. It is located in Veteran's Memorial Park and is called "Rover Run." They supply two fresh doggie drinking fountains, a waste baggie dispenser, and a brightly painted fire hydrant right in the middle of the run. Just fabulous!! (Thank You - M. A. Scotti)

Rover Run Update: The entry was listed incorrectly and has been changed from Naples to North Naples. This dog park is 4 miles north of Naples. The way it is no way Naples City Government appears to have had something to do with it. They would not touch a dog with a 10 foot pole.
(Thank You - D. Jenkins)
More: I, too live in dog-unfriendly Naples, Florida. I tried the new Veterans Park for dogs off Immokalee Road in North Naples. They do have two areas fenced off, one for the little guys and the other for larger dogs. It has the double gate system, which is great if you have a lot of dogs coming and going. But otherwise, it's not much at all. In rainy season, you will have to watch your dog play in stagnant water and of course the mosquitoes are horrific. The area is very small.. As far as the Dog Beach at Lover's Key in Bonita, IT IS NASTY!!!. You have to park close to the highway, and literally wade through stagnant, smelly water , through a mangrove type area to let your dog off-leash. There is NO beach at all, just rocky, weedy areas you can't even put a lawn chair on. There were many dogs there, perhaps 50-75, and I could smell the stench from irresponsible pet owners who obviously didn't pick up after the furry friend. This is a disgrace to Collier County and probably a health hazard.
(Thank You - Brenda A)

Bonita Springs: (Lee/Collier)

There's an off leash doggie beach in Bonita Springs just west of the New Pass bridge. (Thank You - Linda L.)
Bonita Update Please check out  dogbeach  Something really amazing is going on over here in Lee County.
(Thank You - D. Jenkins)
Not Happy in Naples: With the anticipation of getting a dog for my new home here in Naples, I investigated the off leash dog "beach" at Lover's Key, just west of the New Pass bridge. At first, I thought I was in the wrong place. I could see no "beach"  or off leash dogs after parking in the designated area. I thought to myself, "Maybe, the beach is down one of these stagnant water, mosquito infested, rancid smelling paths." And yes, after wading through small pools of stagnant water, I did hear a distant, small bark of a dog( A dog), playing on the filthy, smelly, approximately 20 foot section of an inland "beach". Give me a break, Florida! You can do better than this. It's not like Florida can't spare a decent beach or two !
(Thank You - Shelley A.)
More: Hi -Shelley from Naples doesn't know what she's talking about.  Obviously, she visited the beach at nearly high tide (and, if she visited at high tide precisely, she would have found no beach at all)!  The beach, except for high tides when it doesn't exist, is a wonderful spot for well-mannered dogs.  It is very clean: there are lots of bags & receptacles for dog waste and it is thoroughly cleaned once or twice a day by those tides that actually occur even in Naples.
 (Thank You - B. Bergstrom)   

Sanibel Island: (West Coast)

My husband and I traveled with our dog to Sanibel Island located south of Sarasota, Florida. The whole island is pet friendly...........beaches and hotels included. It was wonderful!!!
(Thank you - C. T. Jowdy)

Sanibel is an ideal place to take your dog on holiday. My dog Finn had a great time on the beach and swimming in the sea. A couple of times I was told to keep him on the lead but generally speaking no one was really bothered about him running around within reason. In the end, during the daytime I put the lead on him when he wasn't in the water just in case. No restrictions at all in the evenings.
(Thank You - T. Harnden)

Port Charlotte: (West Coast)

There is a dog park in Port Charlotte. It is all fenced in with a large dog area and an alternative area for small dogs or timid dogs. Dogs must wear tags. Everyone is friendly and the dogs love it! Directions: Us 41 North to Edgewater Drive. Turn left onto Edgewater and make a left at the first light (Bayshore). Make your first left and the park is on the corner. Enjoy!
(Thank You -TJBC)

Update: The dog park in Port Charlotte, Florida has reopened after hurricane Charley's damage.  It took a long time, but it's finally opened.  I live only five miles from there and take my dogs there all the time.  Could use some more cleaning up and more shade (the hurricane took a lot of trees), but the fence is back up and the park is open again!  They also supply tennis balls there for the dogs to play with!  Plenty of bags and trash area.  It does have an area for water for the dogs, but it gets muddy at times.  Overall, a decent park.  Plenty of parking, plenty of grassy area for a large dog to get a good run! 
(Thank You - K. Kelly)

Sarasota County: (West Coast)

In Sarasota County there 4 fenced parks and one beach park and all are off-leash. There two fenced parks in the city of Sarasota and two fenced parks and a beach park on the Gulf of Mexico in the city of Venice. If you would like more imfo please let know.    more
(Thank You - Silverking)

Update: They have changed the time Brohard Beach is open to daily dusk to dawn.
(Thank You - K. Schaab)

Venice: (West Coast)

There is a wonderful dog beach in Venice, Florida. 41S to Venice Avenue W to Harbour S to just south of the water treatment plant. Of course, there are nondog loving people (can you imagine that) that walk through and are not dog friendly, but other than that it is experimental and great! My dogs love it. Sometimes single people like me use their dogs for companionship and I know I feel less isolated going to the beach with anything else living than just by myself. I need my dogs and I need somewhere to take them, which is a great opportunity for me to socialize with like minded people. So unless you can fill those needs yourselves, dog beach undoers, give it a rest. Also, there is Happy Tails at G. T. Bray Park on 51st Street West in Bradenton where we go every other day at least. I find that the education level of people who have dogs and care for them enough to let them have a place to run which is recommended by every vet and shelter and many newspaper ads (duh!) is very high. Go figure. People that expect a higher return on a non conversing animal than perhaps their government? Gee... If politicians were dogs.... Thought you would enjoy! (Thank You - D. Hardin)
More.We went to Venice, Fl over Memorial Weekend, What a great town! The Holiday Inn we stayed at was especially kind for pets of any kind We take our lab, Sora, with us, on all family vacations, and usually hotels tell us only small dogs, but, usually when I say she's a lab, they don't have a problem. This hotel, though, asks yours pet's name and what kind of pet, I just felt very comfortable there. Brohard Beach was awesome, bring water to the beach, we forgot, but, very friendly dog people also with labs shared there cooler with Sora. This was the first time to the beach for her and it was a great experience. The beach states it's still experimental, so, I hope people continue to do the right thing and DON'T bring aggresive dogs, PICK up after your dog just like anywhere else, and have fun. We will go back. We're going to Fort DeSoto this weekend.
(Thank You - Denese)

Estero Beach: (Ft Myers Beach)

Ft Myers Beach at Estero allows dogs in hotels especially Best Western Vacation Villas. Dogs can not go on the beach but usually at dawn you can get them to the beach with the leash. I have a dog and I always take him to Estero Beach. I think is a great place for dogs. (Thank You - Kramermad)

Ft Myers Beach: (Ft Myers Beach)

We take our dogs to Ft Myers Beach, Florida. There are several areas designated as state parks along the beach and dogs are not allowed there, however, elsewhere, if leashed and picked up after, dogs are allowed. This will be our third season at Ft Myers Beach, just for this reason. Got your site from the article in Coastal Magazine....thank you for the service you provide. (Thank You - Phyllis)

Palma Sola Bay: (Bradenton)

In Bradenton off of Manatee Ave. at Palma Sola Bay dogs are allowed off leash. There are many dogs there running and swimming with each other. (Thank You Laurie)

Happy Tails Dog Park: (Bradenton)

I came across your site while looking for other dog park websites. Thought you might like to know about Happy Tails Dog Park in Bradenton, Florida. It's 3+ acres with a large and small dog area, fresh water, tables, benches, bags, and even a doggie pool. Check it out at More Bay Area Parks (Pinellas County)

Hillsborough County: (Tampa area)

Dog parks and swimming.
Some county parks allowing dogs: Lithia Springs Campground (dogs can camp with you, but are not allowed in the water - alligators) E. G. Simmons Park Campground You can camp with your dog and they are allowed in the water in certain places. Dogs are allowed along the Courtney Campbell Causeway. (Thank you Bernice V.)

Al Lopez Park - Safety Harbor: (Tampa Bay area)

Al Lopez Park, located at 4610 N. Himes Avenue, Tampa, has a 2 acre-fenced, double-gated entry, dog park area complete with water spigot and bowl, picnic tables and some trees. There's also a separate area for small dogs. People are friendly and it's great fun to watch the dogs socialize and play. Pooper bags are usually available, but it is recommended to bring one or two, just in case they're out. The park is open until 10 pm but there are no lights for the dog park area, so it basically closes at sunset. There are some rules, like pick up poopers, no little kids, don't bring in food or treats and leave if your dog gets aggressive, but other than that it's play, play, play. (Thank you - P. Harshberger)

Bruce Downs Blvd: (Tampa area)

this is definitely not an "official" place, but I take my lab there often. on Bruce B Downs Blvd go north about two miles of the I-75 take a left on new Tampa blvd. there is a large community center on your left and you will see woods back behind the field. there's a small trail that goes back there and acres of land for fid to run around on. there's no nearby roads for him to get hit. it looks like eventually they're zoning it for more houses and for a retention pond, but for now it's a good place to play.
(Thank you - Memory)

Mango Dog Park: (Tampa)

The Mango Dog Park is conveniently located around Interstate 4 and Interstate 75, just outside of Tampa. Technically exit 8 (SR 579) off of Interstate 4 and Clay Pit Rd is the exact location. There are two 6' fenced acres with a small dog and a large dog area. There is in each area a pavilion and several picnic tables as well as a dog wash/water hole area and a doggie drinking fountain to accompany the one for humans. There are a few large shade trees, and some newly planted trees, but for the most part it is sunny. On most occasions there are poop bags, but sometimes they run out. Not allowed are food or treats of any kind nor children unattended. Any sign of uncontrolled aggression calls for removal of pet. All dogs should be under voice command at all times. Actual direction from I75 are: I75 to exit I4 east, turn right on the first exit (exit 8) going south. At the second stoplight, which is Clay Pit, turn left, make the first right into the Mango Recreation Center and you will also be in the Mango Dog Park parking lot. The park is quite a popular place and all of our dogs love visitors from new and exciting places.
(Thank You - Layla Kiker)
Update:The exit number has been changed to exit # 10. All other info remains the same. The park is very well maintained. They have added more trees, and picnic tables (no food can be brought in) as well as upgraded the doggie pool/cool off place. (Thank You - Layla)

 Lake Park: (Tampa area)

Lake Park on North Dale Mabry Hwy just south of VanDyke Road in Tampa is a very dog-friendly park. Officially dogs must be leashed but this has never been enforced on the back trails. Many N. Tampa area people socialize and walk their dogs there. During warmer months watch for pygmy rattle snakes
(Thank You - K. White)
More: Lake Park, in N Hillsborough County - recently fenced in an area for dogs! We visited last weekend finally we have a safe dog park in this area. The park is located 1/8 mile south of Van Dyke. Go west into the park - turn right at.the T, and the park is on the right hand side. 
"Bring only "friendly dogs".                 
(Thank You - BoBo, the Boston Terrier from Lutz)

West Dog Park: (Tampa area)

Just wanted to let everyone know that there's a new dog park in West Tampa. It's just called West Dog Park. It's great so far. There are two separate areas for small and big dogs. There are lots of biodegradable poop bags and trash cans (although small and limited). There is a watering area with a hose and a few picnic table areas, one covered. It's a few acres of land, some mowed clean, some woodsy, but all totally fenced. There are a bunch of ball fields and a children's area right next to it, so its good for the whole family. The grounds are taken care of so far and mowed regularly, so its still grassy. It's clean too since most people there seem to be good about picking up after their dogs. It's on Occident Street, off of Sligh Ave between W. Hillsborough and Waters.
(Thank you - Lori P.)

Fort DeSoto Park: (St Petersburg - Pinellas County)

A very nice park for dogs in Pinellas County is Fort DeSoto Park. A portion of the Beach is designated for Dogs. The Park is located in South St. Petersburg at Pinellas Bayway. Entrance fee is 35 cents and it is a county park. The park is very scenic and offers lots of recreation. Dog owners are required to clean up after their dogs.
(Thank you - C. Wycallis)
Update: I was wanting to go to Ft DeSoto and then saw the post on your site that said dogs were no longer allowed. I checked on, and they had this updated news. It seems they have made a Dog Park and this is the only place animals are allowed now. Looks pretty good. On our way there today. I'll keep you posted. Fort De Soto Park used to have a no-leash area that was less than perfect. It was unfenced, too near the road, and full of sand spurs. That's all changed now. The new Paw Playground rates with the best. You'll find it just before you come to the turnoff for the fort. Park in the Bay Pier parking lot.
(Thank you - Donna)
Update: I saw a comment on your Pet Pages that says there was a "no pets" sign in Ft. DeSoto Park, Pinellas County. As of May, 2002, there is an official dog park on the beach at Fort DeSoto. There are two fenced areas (one for large and one for small) with a water hose and fountains, and a part of the beach where dogs can run and swim off the leash. Thanks for the great info site! (Thank You - Amanda K.)
More: Pinellas County also has a Paws Playground at their Ft. DeSoto Park on Pinellas Bayway in Tierra Verde and will be opening a Paws Playground at their Boca Ciega Millennium Park-12410 74th Avenue N, Seminole FL 33772
(Thank You - D. Dossing)
More: I want to HIGHLY recommend The Ritz on St. Pete Beach, Florida
My husband, 3 furry children (rescued aussie dogs) & I stayed over the weekend, in the "Poolside Bungalow" (a one bdr suite with kitchen). The hosts/proprietors are the ever-cordial Denise & Norm (who live on-site with their dog, Cody & cat).
The is spacious deck (complete with hammock) and pool overlook the intracoastal, and we spent lots of time visiting with other pet-owner guests under the tiki hut.

We took the dogs to the dogpark (on Fort DeSoto, 35 cent toll) all three days. The dogpark feeds you right onto a WONDERFUL stretch of dog beach. Lots of friendly dog-people on that coast! Just make sure whenever you walk your dog that your bags are visible. After the dogs tired, one day we ventured over to the Fla Orange Groves Winery (tasty wines NOT made from grapes), and picked up some delightful smoked fish (both on nearby Pasadena).

(Thank you - The Aus-SIEBELTS: Bob, Tina, Rudy, Mack & Chloe)

Belleaire Causeway: (Pinellas County)

I emailed this info to you last year but I don't see it added to your list. I'm not sure if you are even updating this list, but just in case you are, here's the info again. There is a "doggie beach" on the Belleaire Causeway (SR680) heading west onto the barrier islands. It is at the bottom of the hill (on the left side ONLY...across from a boat ramp park) BEFORE you go over the causeway bridge over the intercoastal. This beach is very active...especially on weekends. There is no name posted but you can't miss it....I've been going for almost 3 years and the only time you DON'T see dogs there is from dusk to dawn....otherwise there are usually a few dogs around with evenings and weekends the busiest times.
(Thank You - Schapman)

Gandy Beach: (St Petersburg - Pinellas County)

Another place in (Mid) Pinellas county is off Gandy Boulevard at Gandy Beach, unfortunately people there don't clean up after their pets as frequently as in Ft. DeSoto or Honeymoon Island.
(Thank you - C. Wycallis)

Dime Beach (Vinoy Park): (St Petersburg - Pinellas County)

We take our dogs to what they call "Dime Beach". Its the park on the very north side of Vinoy Park on the Bay in St. Petersburg. Every October (this year its October 26th) the SPCA of Pinellas County holds its Paws on Parade pet walk there. Its a great dog park because strategically placed around the perimeter there are biodegradable poop pick up bags! And there are lots of county trash bins for disposal. Dogs can play in the water on the north side where there is a small strip of beach away from the public bathing area. (Thank You - Phyllis L.)

Northshore and Crescent Lake): (St Petersburg - Pinellas County)

There is one that I go to regularly. It is fairly new - Oct 2002. It is by the Northshore park, behind the Vinoy Resort in Downtown St. Pete. There is also one just south of 22nd Ave N in the Crescent Lake area. This one is smaller than the Northshore one, but still worth a trip. Both parks have water and pickup bags with garbage cans.
(Thank you - EG) Elizabeth A. Grimes

Indian Shores Nature Preserve: (Indian Shores - Pinellas County)

Indian Rock Beach Nature Preserve is Dog Leash free friendly, located in Indian Shores , Florida just south of Clearwater between 9th and 10th avenue. Woof Woof, Keep up the great work, (Thank You -D&L Goldberg)
Update: This dog park (which is actually in Indian Rock Beach, FL) was changed a year or two ago. Only residents of Indian Rocks Beach may use the park. Non-residents must purchase a pass from City Hall ($50 per year). Condo-dwelling neighbors complained that the dogs barked and they were afraid they would get lose from the park and bite them. Needless to say, I don't frequent that park anymore. There are many other parks to visit (Walsingham Paw Park in Seminole, FL; Walter Fuller Park in St. Petersburg; Fort DeSoto Paw Playground at Fort DeSoto in St. Pete, etc.).
(Thank You - Barbara S)

Fort DeSoto Park: (Clearwater - Pinellas County)

On Feb. 1 of 2003 Crest Lake Park had their grand opening of their dog park in Clearwater, Florida. The new park is located on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard at Glenwood Avenue. The park features three double-gated dog runs, allowing owners to unleash their pets in a holding area before releasing them into the play areas that are approximately three-quarters and one acre in size. Three different play areas: one for small dogs and two for large. Each play area has benches, waste collection supplies and disposal facilities, drinking fountains with pet bowls, leash holders and paw washers on concrete pads so guests can wash their paws and keep them clean when leaving the park. This is a great park because they continuously resod the area so that it is not all sand. Very nice and well kept up. Our Siberian Husky and Aust. Shepherd love the great big area that they can run. Hours are 6 am to 11 pm (late)! Located at: 201 Glenwood Ave. (at Lake Dr. and Gulf-to-Bay) Clearwater, FL .(Thank You - M. Granger)

Howard Park: (Tarpon Springs - Pinellas County)

Along the causeway @ Howard Park in Tarpon Springs (Pinellas Cnty.) you can let your dogs swim and run. Most times leashes aren't enforced, (Sundays seem to be the safest, though the park officials will occasionally tell you to leash them. (It's kind of hit or miss). Lots of cool people and cool dogs hang out! :) (Thank You - T.L. Terns)

Anderson Park: (Tarpon Springs - Pinellas County)

The name of the area of the park for dogs is Paws Playground. There is a fenced in area for large dogs and next to it is a fenced in area for small dogs. They can run around and play off leash. They supply plastic bags for "duty" pick up and a cooling station where the faucet fills up a stainless steel bowl and also a shower-type connection to cool them off. I am thrilled with Anderson Park. My dog loves it and I am always looking for new places to take her.  The address is 39699 U.U. Highway 19N, Tarpon Springs, Fl 34689.
(Thank You - D. Dossing)

Freedom Lake Park: (Pinellas Park- Pinellas County)

A new "Paw Playground" (April 2004) at Freedom Lake Park in Pinellas Park, FL.  Entrance to Freedom Lake park is off of 49th Street..although you can see the park from US 19.  Doggie shower, water, and poop bags.  2 enclosed area, one for large dogs and one for small dogs.  Some shade which makes it bearable even during the day. (Thank You - D. Krumreich)
More:  There is a relatively new dog park in Freedom Lake Park (near US 19 and 49th St N) in Pinellas Park, FL (Pinellas County). There are two enclosures: one for small dogs and one for large dogs. Both are double gated to prevent escapes. There are poop bag stations, doggy water fountains and doggy showers. Lots of benches for those who just want to rest while their pets play. The small dog section is heavily shaded with pine trees.  (Thank You - J Eric)

Crystal Beach Park: (Palm Harbor)

Update: We have lost this one...... Unfortunately , I must report the loss of the Crystal Beach location. Some problems, possibly involving local home-owners association politics here, have forced the closing of the CB Dawg Club web-site. As far as I can tell, this precludes any use unless you own property in this area. This action also has endangered all dog friendly projects in the Clearwater area
(Thank you Sherry & K&B)

Riverbreeze Park: (Oak Hill)

Riverbreeze Park in Oak Hill, Fl allow dogs, but they must be leased. It is on the River and they provide scented plastic bags for poop pick up (Thank you - Linda66)

Cape San Blas: (North Gulf Coast)

Cape San Blas still ok's dogs. I suppose they are supposed to be on leashes, but I have never seen otherwise. The campground there also allows dogs to stay. It is $5/night for your dog in the cabins. I don't know about the campgrounds and the price. (Thank you Alice)
More: We have just bought 1/2 of a duplex at Cape San Blas, FL..  We bought here because the beach is dog friendly. Cape San Blas has been named the number 1 beach in the U.S. As long as dogs do not disturb the turtle nests or hatchling,  the dog will have free range. Beautiful white sand Gulf beaches and emerald water. American paradise.
(Thank You - S. Fleming)

Cape San Blas Camping Resort: (Cape San Blas - North Gulf Coast)

A dog-friendly place to add to your list. Cape San Blas Camping Resort in Florida, on the gulf, near Port St. Joe. Miles of white sand beaches, lots of shells. They have tent and RV sites and about 6 cabins to rent. My dog and I have been there twice, rented a cabin both times. They have only a few food items in the on-site store, so get your groceries in town. People are friendly, prices are reasonable, and it is only $5 a day extra per pet. Their web site is:
(Thank you - Melissa and Shannie)

Dunedin Causeway Dog Beach: (Dunedin - West Coast)

There is a beach on the Dunedin Causeway called Dog Beach where you can take your dog. (Thank you J. Donovan)

Honeymoon Island: (Dunedin - West Coast)

Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, FL (in the Tampa area) has a State Recreation Area and has a "Pet Beach". However they suggest calling 727-469-5942 for up to the minute restrictions. Pets must be on a leash at all times and the Pet Beach is at the south end of the beach. $4.00 admission. (Thank You - dcantara)
more: UPDATE: There are no dogs allowed on the causeway beaches as the permanent and portable traffic signs will tell you, however, Drive to the end of the causeway and you are at Honeymoon Island where $2.50 per person will get you entry and a treat for each doggie in your vehicle. 6’ leashes are required on the dog beach.
(Thank you - T. Houston)

Update more: Went to this beach (Honeymoon island pet beach) for first time on fri July 1st, because I had searched for a dog friendly beach for hours and came upon your website thru goggle. Well, my dog Ryley & I had the best time , the beach though primitive was clean and open enough for all the dogs to have plenty of space. The water was calm and fairly warm, so it only took a lil coaxing to get my water phobic puppy into the swim of things. The park rangers were present and made us feel welcome. The parking was easy and it was only a short hike to get to the beach area. I can't wait to take him again. Its so much better knowing he is enjoying himself outdoors with me ,then stuck at home waiting for my return! Thanks for all the info on the park & fees, as we'll as rules. Great site for all dog lovers. 
(Thank you - Eileen & Ryley)


Davis Island: (Tampa)

Davis Island now has 2 small fenced dog parks, one with water access. (Not the beach previously mentioned on this website, which is off limits to dogs) but a nice beach that faces the shipping channel. No shade anywhere so very hot in the summer, but the dogs love to cool off in the water. Sadly, owners do not pick up very well so it is not the cleanest park, but it is the only one in Tampa with water access. Note: The park at Cypress Beach someone referred to has been made off limits to dogs within the last year which is a great loss, it was a wonderful place to let the dogs romp on almost a half mile of remote beach.
(Thank You  - Anne in Tampa)

Dog Beach: (Siesta Key)

Warning - Status Change - see below
...One one of our trips over to beautiful Siesta Key on the west coast, we took our Chihuahua along and were pleasantly surprised to find that there was a "Dog Beach". It was fun to go there especially in the late afternoon as it seemed that many residents were there alongside the tourists doing their daily walk with their pets. (Thank you D. Dean)

Warning - Update SIESTA KEY -The "dog beach" has been closed by the Sheriff's Department. Another blow by Anti-dog forces (Thank you Poohberry)

Lakemont Dog Park - Winter Park: (Orlando)

I haven't seen anyone mention the Lakemont Dog Park in Winter Park. It is on Lakemont Ave. just before the road ends at the VA. hospital. I think that dogs are legally allowed to be off-leash after 4pm., but its not too strictly enforced. The park is on a lake with a pretty clean beach-like shore and a dock that was surely meant for the as a doggy runway into the lake. Everyone is very friendly and there are clean-up baggies and trash cans available as well as picnic tables. Remember to lock your car though!!!!
(Thank You - Gillian)
Update: This is an update for Lakemont Dog Park in Winter Park Fl. The actual name of the park is Fleet Peeples Park. It is dog friendly and has a no leash option during the week. There are signs posting when leashes are required (weekends and holidays). The park is fenced and is on a lake with a small sandy shore. A great dock provides a running start for jumps into the lake. I found this park dirty (with human litter) and despite the presence of baggy stations there were 10 to 15 unattended messes. It seems that this park is full of unfriendly and irresponsible pet owners which is a shame, since it's the only place I know of in Orlando that is dog friendly.
(Thank You - P. Horan) More: This park is off of N. Lakemont Dr. in Winter Park, Fl and has dedicated hours for off-leash puppy play. The park is right on the beach of small lake and dogs are allowed to run and play everywhere except the picnic area, which is clearly marked. The park has a boat ramp with short dock, a beach, a field, and wooded trails all for doggy enjoyment. It is fenced all around, except for the entrance and exit, but there have been no escapes that I know of. There are bags available for cleaning up after your buddies, and trash cans are located around the park, as well. There are specific hours for off-leash: weekdays from open to close and weekends from open to 10am and then from 4pm to close. However, dogs on leash are welcome at all times. For non-swimming dogs, you will want to bring water as there are no dog watering fountains or bowls. Most of the dogs just drink from the lake, but non-swimmers will need to have it supplied. Thanks to Orange County Florida for allowing dogs on leash in all county and city parks! Kudos!
(Thank You -Brooke W)

Fleet Peoples Park - Winter Park: (Orlando)

Fleet Peoples Park has become one of the must-visit places for dog-lovers
and dogs in Orlando.  An all-volunteer committee oversees the park and
enforces the rules - various area businesses sponsor clean-up stations etc.
and volunteers "police" the park to maintain cleanliness and order.  The
City of Orlando and the City of Winter Park are currently "bickering" over
the park - a new residential development wants to annex the park for more
housing.  Anyone visiting the park will tell you that letting your dog swim
here is great because of all the activity the alligators tend to stay away.
It can get a bit crowded on weekends, but during the week, you will always
find dog-friendly folks willing to chat about their fur kids and the dogs
have a blast playing together.  All we ask is that each and every visitor-
human and canine - mind their manners and pick up after themselves. 

(Thank You - B W. McCartt)

Update: My husband and I used to take our boxer boys to this wonderful park until the small children were allowed to run around and there was a gator attack that resulted in one horrified owner losing a beloved pet.THERE ARE LARGE ALLIGATORS IN THAT LAKE! There is also a lack of cleaning up doggie waste lately. I will say that the new park we found without water is usually quiet(Rhode Island Park) off of Landstar Road.There are two pens,one for small and large dogs as well as hoses,waste bags and water bowls for your furry friends.There is also a kids park across the road  and the neighborhood ice cream truck that visits on week-ends.There are a few that insist on bringing their small children to the big dog side which I am dumbfounded as to why.These are parks for dogs to be dogs and not for us to worry if children will be playfully pounced on and end up on Judge Judy!Just warn the parents that your pup has some energy to release!   
(Thank you - A. Woods)
Dog Park - Mill Run Park: (Kissimmee - Central Florida)

In Kissimmee, a new dog park has been opened by the city of Kissimmee (in

Mill Run Park)
The entrance is just sign posted and is just north on Michigan Ave from the
junction of Michigan Ave and 192/Vine St in Kissimmee.
(Thank You - Rich M)

Peace River Campground: (Arcadia - Central Florida)

2998 NW Highway 70
Arcadia, Florida 34266
Phone (800)-559-4011
Peace River Campground is VERY dog friendly. We spent Thanksgiving there and I think our four legged child had more fun than the rest of the family. (Thank you L. Esteban)

Paw Park: -(Sanford)

Local volunteers have succeeded in  converting  an existing park into a dog park.

This park is now open. It is a 2-acre park, completely fenced, well-shaded
by a beautiful canopy of majestic Oaks. There is a separate area for small
dogs and a "time-out" area for dogs who need a breather. Water bowls and
dog showers provided. Poop bags provided (please use them!)

The website is

(Thank You - M. Knipfer for your efforts) (Thank You - Laura for the info)

There is a no leash fenced park located in historic downtown Sanford. Large shade trees with beautiful benches, water bowls and showers for the dogs make this a wonderful experience for both the dog lover and their dogs. Open from sunrise to sunset year round. There is a separate area for small dogs. Refuse bags and trash cans provided. My husband and I take our two Weinies there at least three times a week even though we have to drive a long way to get there. Paws Park is a great place for us and our babies to socialize. There is a message board with information on three pet friendly restaurants in the area. No charge for park
(Thank You - Lynn c.)

More: I have another park for you to post on your web site if you choose to do so. It is called The Paw Park of Historic Sanford. Location is 427 S. French Ave., SanFord , Fl and it is an off leash dog park and it wonderful. We take the kids there a lot....LOL It has huge shade trees, fenced in park. A time out area, water fountains for various size dogs, poopy bags, shovels for some dogs who might dig, benches for owners. Has grass areas as well as areas with mulch community bulletin board with lots of information, plus you can enter your dog in the dog of the week photo. Your photo is published on their web site and that has a lot of information also and a photo is posted on the community bulletin board. Just a really neat park to spend time with you fur babies.
(Thank you - Toni-Jean)

Dog Park: (Winter Garden)

A new dog park has just opened in Winter Garden, Florida. It is located just beyond the Winter Garden YMCA. It consists of 2 fenced in areas, one for smaller dogs and one for bigger dogs, but both kinds are welcome in both areas. There are some agility structures and a walkway around large grassy areas. The park comes complete with double gates and water fountains for humans and dogs. The only downsides are no lights for night time play and there are lots of mosquitoes. Thanks!
(Thank You - Becky)

Dog Wood Park : ( Gainesville )

Dog Wood Park is a private dog park featuring 15 completely-fenced acres, two huge doggie swimming ponds, trails, exercise equipment and park-provided tennis balls, large fields, two separately fenced areas for more private use (one one-acre and one three-acre), benches, hammocks,  tables, a rinse-off station, a doggie diggin’ sand pit,  and lots of giant shade trees. There are two small dog areas, one in the shade and one in the sun.  In addition to the off-leash park we offer self-service dog bathing facilities featuring raised warm water tubs, a pet photography studio, a shop with all sorts of cool woof-related merchandise, obedience and agility training.  Also, we are the home of the privately-owned Camp Wag-A-Lot doggie daycare.

The off-leash park is open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 5pm (those in by 5pm may stay until dusk); it is open to members every day from 7am until dusk.
First time visitors and those from out-of-town may visit during any of our office hours:  weekdays 4-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm.  Day rates are $9.00 plus tax for one dog and $1.00 plus tax for each additional dog in the same family.  Directions:  exactly 1.0 mile west of I-75 on SR24 (Archer Rd.)  For more information please see our website at .

(Thank You - Lynn Badger )

Dog Park near Archer Road: (Tallahassee)

There is another dog park in Gainesville Florida.  it is free and safe.  shade, chairs, disposal, and usually doggy toys.  I can't remember exactly the address but if you want to look into it it's near archer rd.  it's nice to be able to go and not have to worry about lines, waits, and money.  usually everyone that visits is really friendly and respectful.  sorry I can't remember the address but it's been a couple years since I visited. Gainesville is very pet friendly.  it's awesome - (Thank You - WVLADYBUG)

Tom Brown Park: (Tallahassee)

There is a leash-free dog park in Tallahassee, Florida. It is located in the "Tom Brown Park" which is the largest park in Tallahassee, with over 100 acres of fun and leisure activities - lake, walking trails amongst the beautiful trees, tennis courts, baseball fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, etc. Pets are allowed throughout the park "on leash" but also have a special "dog park" that is fenced with accommodations for a dog to get plenty of exercise, fun and socialization.

Tom Brown Park is located on Capital Circle Northeast, 1/2 mile south of Highway 90 East.
Come visit us, I think you and your dogs will enjoy it! (Thank You - s.a.blanton)

Tom Brown Park allows dogs on leashes throughout but has a specific fenced area for free-run. There is a large fenced area for large dogs and an adjoining smaller area for puppies and smaller dogs. The park is equipped with benches, pooper scoopers, and even has 'fire hydrants'. Feisty and I have always had a blast there, there is a lake nearby with an unofficial dog swim area. (Thank You Nina G.)

Shell Point: (Tallahassee)

Shell Point is located on the Gulf, 30 due south of Tallahassee. The beach is dog friendly and dogs run free. However, it does get crowded during the summer weekends with folks coming down from Tally. (Thank You - A.Perry)
Update - Warning !!: On your website of dog-friendly Florida Parks & Beaches, Shell Point (near Tallahassee) was listed as dog friendly. I have lived in Tallahassee for two summers now and frequently visited Shell Point. But I'll be going a lot less. There were always dogs at Shell Point...well-behaved, under control, and I have yet to step in dog poop or witness a dog fight. I made the 45 minute trip yesterday morning at 9 a.m. with my novice obedience dog who is also going through a pet therapy course. I was willing to pay the $2 fee to park though I'd only stay long enough to walk the dog along the beach (1/2 hour or so). We made the trip only to be turned away.  I was told "no dogs allowed on the beach". I mentioned there were plenty of dogs who visit there. The "attendant" stated that it was "posted."  I told the woman I understood the posting but that dogs were always there. "Well, they're cracking down."  On what?! So we made the 45 minute trip back to Tallahassee. It's disappointing that folks come to Florida for the beaches yet there are few public access beaches...and we live here! Even fewer accommodate people who are responsible pet owners.
(Thank you - W. Young)

Mission San Louis: (Tallahassee)

There is a new dog park in Tallahassee at Mission San Louis (on the west side, off of Tharpe Street). It is a large, grassy fenced in area. Bring mosquito spray and water for your dog(s). there are some nice trails located here too!
(Thank You - EE. Shepherd)

Wakulla Springs State Park: (Tallahassee)

Note also that Wakulla Springs State Park, south of Tallahassee, permits well behaved dogs on a leash - they must be kept away from the water, however.
(Thank You - EE. Shepherd)

Saint George Island: (Saint George Island - The Panhandle)

St. George Island is very welcoming to pets. More information is available at (Thank you V. Aluisy)

Mexico Beach: (Panama City)

Mexico Beach next to Tyndell Air force Base in Panama City allows dogs. It's about 6 miles long with hardly no souls on it. It's very beautiful and very pet friendly. My Shelby loves it there. Have fun
(Thank you - BERTIE)

Update Warning: I just wanted to provide an update for folks thinking of using the Mexico Beach, Florida area.  We went there today (06/26/05) and found "No animals on the beach" signs throughout Mexico City, and all of Bay County for that matter.  The problem was easily solved by going less than a mile East of Mexico City into Gulf County where the beaches were open to all.  They were also much less crowded which was an added bonus. (Thank you - S. Owens)

Navy Lodge Beach: (Callaway)

There is a dog park called NAJU Dog Park and Boarding. It is located in a place called Callaway (just east of Panama City). There is supposed to be another one opening soon in Panama City, when details come to me I will let the world know :) .
(Thank You - H. Schmit)

NAJU Dog Park: (Pensacola)

We enjoy camping with our dogs in Pensacola, Fl. The campground is open only to military, but the base is open to the public (there is a large aviation museum there) and is right on the beach. The beach has a parking lot, right next to the Navy Lodge and your dog will love it!! (Thank you - RangerDog)

Pet Park - Bayview Park and Roger Scott Complex: (Pensacola)

Hi, Great site, We live in Pensacola and believe me this part of the state is not pet friendly. Pet owners do not stand up for themselves. T o my knowledge there is no pet beach within in 100 miles of here. We do have a great new pet park, open sunrise to sunset at Bayview Park on Bayou Tacar. Thanks for your great web site.
(Thank You - Carolyn)

 More:  I just wanted to let you know that the Pensacola Parks and Recreation has installed two new Dog Parks!!  
The locations are:
Bayview Park  -  20th Ave & Blount St.
Roger Scott Complex - 2130 Summitt Blvd.
      If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!!
  Kim Knox
Special Events & Information Coordinator
Pensacola Parks and Recreation(850-436-5670

 Bear Lake Campground: (Munson - the Panhandle) 

   Bear Lake Campground, Munson Florida (the Panhandle) allows leashed dogs.  There is a great 4 mile hike around the lake with lots of streams, logs etc for the pups to enjoy, the hike usually takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  The setting is very natural, lots of wildlife, but you will also find rustic benches to stop for a breather with great views of the lake.  Wear hiking shoes or sneakers as it can get a little muddy.  We go in the spring and fall, the summers are just a little too humid for us (humans).  
 (Thank You C. Wagner)

Grayton Beach: (Niceville)  

Dogs are allowed on beach, but a permit is required
(Thank You - Cecil U.

We enjoy camping with our dogs in Pensacola, Fl. The campground is open only to military, but the base is open to the public (there is a large aviation museum there) and is right on the beach. The beach has a parking lot, right next to the Navy Lodge and your dog will love it!! (Thank you - RangerDog)

Update Warning: Having just returned from neighboring Seagrove beach, I wanted to let you know the actual information on all the beaches on this stretch.  "The Beaches of South Walton" which encompass Grayton, Seaside, Seagrove, Rosemary Beach, among many, all the beaches along highway 30-A DO NOT ALLOW DOGS!  We rented a town home because it was "dog friendly."  What we didn't know was that only property owners are allowed to have dogs on the beach by special permit and only before 8 a.m. and after 6 p.m.  Out first day out, no one anywhere in sight on the beach, our dog asleep under the umbrella  on a leash  and a sheriff drives up to us and says if we don't get our dog off the beach immediately we will be fined $500.  The only posting we could find says in small print "pets allowed by special permit," on a general beach access sign.  Please post this information prominently.  These beaches are touted as being the most beautiful in the world etc. and attract huge numbers of visitors in the summer.
(Thank You - Maggie) 

Lorelei Resort: (Treasure Island)

The Lorelei Resort in Treasure Island,FL. is extremely dog friendly. Fenced in area so dogs could play freely. Actually, it's animal friendly, there was even a pet pig who the dogs had no problem with. (Thank you RDebi)

Sunset Beach: (Treasure Island)

Sunset Beach by the Lorelei Resort allows dogs. (Thank you - Bernice V.)
Warning - Update Sunset Beach We live on Sunset Beach with our two dogs and in looking for dog-friendly beaches we stumbled upon our beach. Dogs have never been permitted on the beach here and if the police do catch you there is a heavy fine. Signs are posted that no dogs are allowed. The Lorelei Motel is actually on the bay side and they have a wonderful floating dock for your pets but even they will tell you not to take your dogs over to the beach side because it is illegal. We actually petitioned for allowing dogs on the beach and the residents rallied so strongly against us, not even listening to a time limited allowance or fee-based permit that the whole idea was squashed. Thank you for your site.
(Thank You )

First Coast: (St. Johns County)

An area south of Jacksonville allows dogs (leased) on all of the beach which includes several miles of beaches. (Also accessible to vehicles except during high tide). They do require you to pick up after your pet and provide plastic bags during the summer season when there is a fee to drive on the beach. (Thank You - Pam)

Anastasia Island: (St. Augustine)

My husband and I vacation with our puppy in St. Augustine, and the beach on Anastasia Island south of Ocean Trace allow dogs. We keep him leashed during the busy times of the day, but early am and after dinner when it isn't crowded we let him run a bit. (Thank You - Bobbijudd)

Mantanzas Inlet: (St. Augustine)

Matanzas Inlet allows dogs to wander the sand and the water without leashes. Most of the time the only people around you are ones with pets themselves. We have yet to encounter a problem with another pet or pet owner and hope that this wonderful spot is not taken from us as others have been. FYI- Matanzas Inlet is located on A1A about 15 minutes south of St Augustine. (Thank You - The Kents)
Update Warning:  - The area of Matanzas Inlet is the property of the National Park Service and St. Johns County. The National Park Service has always had a regulation requiring dogs to be on a 6' leash at all times [Chapter 36 Code of Federal Regulations, section 2.15, subsection (a)(2).] We also require pets to be cleaned up after. 36 CFR 2.15 (a)(5). St. Johns County also has a regulation requiring dogs be leashed at certain times of the year. You can contact them for further information.
(Thank you - Andrew Rich)

Paws Park: (St. Augustine)

St. Augustine's Paws Park is located on Wildwood Rd. between Route 1 and Route 207 (an I-95 exit) in Treaty Park. Excellent park, completely fenced for dogs, with shade trees, cleaning supplies, picnic tables (but don't bring food), water, and a special section for smaller dogs. No leashes are allowed within the fence. It's free, but donations and membership are encouraged. (Thank You - A. Perry)

Bryn Mawyr: (St. Augustine Beach)

There is a campground on St. Augustine beach called Bryn Mawyr. They are located right on a dog friendly beach. They allow pets and so does the beach...and it is a beauty of a beach.
(Thank You - ATLWhite)

Amelia Island: (Fernandia Beach)

My husband and I and our bulldog just got back from Amelia Island, FL this Labor Day weekend. The Main City beach of Fernandina Beach allows dogs on leashes-there were many pooches there. In fact the town is very dog-friendly. Our B and B let us bring the bully to bkfst.
(Thank you - P. Marsh & J. Goese)

Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville: (Jacksonville)

The dogs of Jacksonville have access to the world's largest park devoted solely to the recreation and entertainment of dogs: Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville! Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville (DWPJ) is a 42-acre doggie swim and play park located at 7407 Salisbury Road S. --near the intersection of I-95 and JTB, and just a few blocks south of Dave and Busters.  The park has the following areas:

Swim N Play:  10 acres of shady areas and large field and Lake Bow Wow, a 2-acre alligator-free swimming lake for the dogs
Small Dog:  a separate small dog area with its own Lake Fifi (a small dog swimming pond) and its own diggin’ sand pit
Barkham Woods, a separately fenced 10-acre wooded area with nature trails
Night Dog:  4 lighted acres for nighttime use
Special Events:  one-acre rental area for parties, group get-togethers, etc.
Kids N Dogs: a children’s playground area for kids and kid-friendly dogs
Agility:  full agility course for use by those with agility experience

Amenities include a rinse area for spraying the sand off your dog, park-provided tennis balls and play equipment, picnic tables, benches, and hammocks for the humans, and a diggin' sand pit for doggie diggin'.  We also offer indoor self-service bathing stations; a doggie boutique with treats, toys, collars, etc.; agility and obedience training, and dog photography.

Dog Wood Park is open to members from dawn to 10pm 365 days per year.  Visitor hours are 10am to 5pm on Saturday and noon to 5pm on Sunday, but first time visitors and visitors from out-of-town may visit during any of our office hours:  9am – 6pm Saturday, 10am – 6pm Sunday, 3pm – 7pm weekdays.  The fee for day visitors is $10 plus tax for the first dog and $1 plus tax for any additional dogs in the same family.  Full information on membership and detailed directions on how to get to the park can be found on the park website at .

(Thank you - Lynn Badger)

Atlantic Beach  and Ponte Vedra  Beach:  (Jacksonville)

I have found your website most helpful in planning our family
our pet is a member of our family!
I wanted to let you know I spoke with someone from the code enforcement
office in the Jacksonville, Fl beach area and found that Atlantic Beach
allows dogs on a leash any time of day.  The Ponte Vedra Beach only allows
dogs on a leash after 5 pm.  
The number for the code enforcement is:
Atlantic Beach-904-247-5800
I hope this helps any other viewers!!!
(Thank you - L. Adams)

Katherine Abbey Hannah Park: (Jacksonville)

Katherine Abbey Hannah Park in Jacksonville, is right next to Mayport, and sits directly north of Atlantic Beach. It cost $1 per person to get in, but the park has biking and hiking trails, picnic areas (both covered and uncovered) and covers six or more square miles. It also has a really nice beach that isn't as crowded as the city beaches. It is very pet friendly. It is posted that dogs must be kept on a leash but many dogs go without. Its a great place for the whole family. (Thank You - S. Deth)

We just came from Florida. Katherine Abbey Hanna Park in Jacksonville 500 Wonderwood Drive, Jacksonville, Fl, 32233 (904)249-4700 was very accepting to dogs and even cats I saw some cats. Our two dogs had a wonderful time there. We stayed at the RV camp site which was not all that expensive. There is a lake as well, the Atlantic Beach was not that far about a block away. I highly recommend this Park for dogs and cats!!! (Thank You - R. Silva)

Jacksonville Beach Blvd Humane Society: (Jacksonville)

Hey just to let you know: You might want to put up a warning for people visiting Florida--Be cautious of all lakes. Alligators are there, even if you don't see them. Many places won't let you canoe with your dog because the gators will chomp through your boat to get to him! Jacksonville--Beach Blvd Humane Society has a free dog park with areas for small and large dogs.
(Thank You - Christy W)

Jacksonville Beach: (Jacksonville)

Dogs are welcome at Jacksonville Beach, as long as they are leashed. (Thank You - Terrie)

Most city and county beaches and parks do not allow dogs. The parks that do, treat this allowance as a delicate privilege. The information on this page is not guaranteed to be accurate. It has been contributed by pet lovers in Florida. If signs or other indications exist which may contradict the information on these pages, please let us know and proceed with caution. It is always safest and the best practice  to obey local, state and federal ordinances. Please clean up after your pet and do not allow your animal to use the beach or water as a toilet. Not everyone loves your pet the way you do.
Caution should also be used in regards to alligators and also, especially in southernmost Florida, crocodiles. It is not advisable to expose your pets to areas where these creatures have been spotted or known to frequent. They eat small and large animals. Beware as well of poisonous snakes and plants. A listing on this page is not a guarantee of safety. Proceed with caution at your own risk.

Pet-FriendlyTravel.Com allows you to take ALL your loved ones with you on vacation! We have THOUSANDS of pet-friendly hotels, motels, Bed and Breakfasts, and rentals that are owned and operated by pet lovers just like yourself! Be sure and look for the Pet-Friendly savings logo for extra discounts and services!

(Thank You - John Bottomley)

Other pet friendly parks and beaches outside of Florida 
The newest and fastest growing pet magazine in South FLA. We are ALL about pet rescue and pet adoption.  Unlike other pet magazines we don't allow Ads in our magazine for breeders or anyone that sells puppies since that works contrary to the efforts of what we pet rescues are trying to do.


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Many dog friendly parks, beaches, hotels, and etc are well kept secrets. Please let me know if you have found other dog friendly spots. e-mail me and I will add them to the list for all of us pet lovers to enjoy ! is a member of the Off leash Dogs Web Ring.
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